October 27, 2014 01:26 PM

Fazilka (Punjab)

The Chishtis claim descent from Umar, the companion of Muhammad through Sultans of Balkh, Sham, and Kabul, and call themselves Shaikh Faruki, of the great Chishti fakir family or sect of Arabia. Their more recent ancestor was Khwaja Farid-ud-din, known as Baba Farid Shakarganj, who, starting from Multan, after a forty days' fast at Sirsa, became the pupil of Kutbuddin at Dehli, and finally settled at Chavaddhan, now known as Pakpattan in Montgomery District, where his shrine and family are still found. The ancestors of the Sirsa Chishtis crossed the Satluj from Pakpattan only four generations ago, and settled near the river on lands then uninhabited. They now hold some 9 villages in the district, all near the Satluj, and are said to own some 50 villages in Bhawalpur and 25 in Montgomery. They are considered a holy tribe, and are in consequence very exclusive, denying connection even with the BodIas. 
                                                                                                     -Lachhman Dost

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