September 22, 2015 06:43 PM

Chandigarh (Face2News)   

Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj, since June 2014, has assured the Families of NRI’S from Punjab, including Food Processing Cabinet Minister. Har Simrat Badal, all 39 NRI’s held hostages in Mosul controlled ISIS, city are safe and “Alive”. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has chaired a high level meeting , including Minister of Home Affairs, External Affairs and Security Council, to take stock on their “whereabouts”, in Iraq. Prime Minister Modi, is scheduled to speak in the United Nations, on his annual Address and demand India’s role in the Security Council and cooperation in Terrorism. NRI’s in USA, including NRI’s of Gujarat, especially belonging to “Patel Community”, have prepare a charter of demands, which includes, his knowledge and verification on the 39 Punjabi NRI’s in Iraq, including the “Jats”, of Punjab and “Patels”, of Gujarat in OBC. Investigations on Corruption and functioning of the Consulates in USA and Canada, including formulating a policy to allow “E-Voting”, from Consulates and Embassies, for India’s State and National Elections. The meeting was held by “NRI’s for India”, at the World Affairs , in U.C.Berkeley, presided by Romesh Bhandari and Vikram Jit Bajwa.  Both agreed to grant a warm Welcome to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to New York and San Francisco, but our NRI, issues have been pending too long”to sleep over them”, Modi is a man of word and action, we want him to honor his word given to protect NRI, issues, properties, life, in 2014, said Bajwa.” We’re not asking any investigation for Lalit Modi and Sushma Swaraj, his cricket, but we want assurance from our Prime Minister to protect our lands and property in Punjab, exclaimed Gur Rattan Singh, from San Jose. ” Prime Minister should break his silence, on the issue of being alive or dead, 39 Punjab NRI’s, either before he departs New Delhi for New York or when he addresses the NRI’s in San Jose Convention Center”, said Stephen Wren, ex- US Serviceman, who has done extensive studies on ISIS and their captors, who have killed 4 Americans, in the last one year. 

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