Our followers are our best property: Baba Harmesh Dass Ji

September 17, 2013 09:39 AM

By Harish Monga Dido

In this world, countless god and goddess have taken birth but Asian continent is famous and known as countries of guru and religious teachers and the people had been worshiping them in their own style.  Numbers of religions have come up and the preacher of each religion tried to establish a relation between the people and the god and the birth of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji of Sikh religion was one of them.  During this period, Vaishno Acharaya Baba Ram Thaman Ji also appeared on this planet earth, who was son or daughter of mother's sister, in relation of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji.  Every year during the month of September, a congregation is held at the hermitage of Vaishno Acharaya Dhan-Dhan Baba Ram Thaman Ji Maharaj, son of mother’s sister of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Maharaj Ji,  in village Bajeke, which is presently being run by Baba Harmesh Dass Ji Maharaj, the 15th enthroned. Baba Harmesh Dass Ji is married, blessed with two sons and a daughter, who are highly qualified. He is crowned with this honour since 1990 after the death of Baba Devi Dyal Ji Maharaj.  He is the owner of a very soft voice, peaceful attitude, spotless character and neat and clear pious soul. He hardly speaks hard to anyone and whosoever comes to the dera is blessed with best wishes apart from serving with whole heartedly and due to faith of the public, there are about 16 lac followers and have camps in 20 states all over India including Punjab, Haryana, HP, Uttrakhand, UP, Rajasthan and even in abroad at Singapore and one near the Nepal border.  Suraj Parkash, a follower, a landlord, a educationists, a social worker in the village is the President Shaheed Udham Singh Youth Club while talking to the writer said, “Every year on this celebration, which goes for a full week, about 1 lac follower visit this place located in acres of land which started from 4 marlas. Langar, fruits, snacks, milk and sweets are served to the followers in the camp. He further said, number of renowned ragis like Gurcharan Singh Rasia have performed the recitation of raags in this campus”.  He further said, “On every Sunday Baba Harmesh Dass Ji Maharaj, the 15th enthroned, listen to the problems of the people and advise them to follow the path of devotion, worship, devotional love of deity; meditation, religious observances, which is his greatness and this is the secret of his more popularity”.

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