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October 19, 2016 10:40 AM
File photos of Mr. Mitra with different film personalities
By Arun Sharma
I believe in Chanakya's policy, says Rahul Mitra, CEO, WAVE Cinemas. Former Chandigarian, Rahul Mittra, who was a journalist and corporate manager in a leading English daily, has  turned to film production, along with Tigmanshu Dhuliahas by shooting for his debut Bollywood film ``Sahib Biwi aur Gangster'' in Gujarat. Now, a  well known  Film Producer and  CEO of Wave Cinemas, Filmmaker Rahul Mittra, founder of Brandsmith & Brandsmith Motion Pictures, has carved a niche for himself in the cut throat world of entertainment and  cinema in a remarkably short time. Speaking to Arun Sharma, Rahul Mittra said, he believes in content-based cinema. He has produced hit Bollywood films like Saheb Biwi aur Gangster, Saheb Biwi aur Gangster Returns, Bullet Raja and Revolver Rani, Rahul said, he started  his career as a journalist with a leading English daily,  and  then switched to film making.  With over 20 years of experience in media, entertainment, brand management and  corporate communication, Rahul has won many  awards for his films and  innovative business practices in India and  abroad and is a well known name in the realm of media, film industry and  the corporate world. Continuing his zest for excellence and leaving his footprint behind, Rahul Mittra who  is at present  CEO with entertainment giant Wave Cinemas' film production and  distribution business has an impressive line up of films and is at present  working along with Director Rajkumar Santoshi on Battle of Saragarhi, Ram Gopal Verma on Sarkar 3, Pooja Bhatt on Cabaret, Girish Malik on Band of Maharajas, Neeraj Pandey on Saat Uchakey, which is released recently and Sanjay Dutt on Torbaz, apart from other big budget films for the coming year .

?Which bug motivated you to join Bollywood ? Is it in your blood ?

-I've always been s movie buff and  still remember the smell of popcorn and  samosa,while watching Hindi potboilers at Picaddily and Neelam cinema halls with my parents in Chandigarh. But whatever I did professionally for two decades was training ground for me to be a filmmaker , subconsciously -- journalism , marketing, promotions, business consulting all come in handy now. 

 ?Your general impression of Indian film industry, especially Bollywood ?
-Well, it's a passion driven competitive industry . Of all the existing forms of art, cinema is the best and  most popular and hence has been and will be a huge draw for millions. 
Why is there no originality in Bollywood films of late ?

-I personally feel that the most authentic and  interesting screenplay, ever is that of two epics Mahabharata and  Ramayana, as it covers all shades of emotion, reflecting all genres of cinema. Behind that is imitation. Having said that, I disagree that originality in some form doesn't exist today. Art is not what you can's what you can make others see. So, as long as the audience is entertained, every film is good and those who fail to do can be rightfully termed bad films. So, originality is not the issue ..making a bad film or a good film is one..
?Do you have main theme in your films ?

-Whatever appeals to my sensibility nd  a subject that has a wide scope for marketing in it,  works for me. Script and  concept is primary concern of interest , followed by its viability. I like to marry content with box office success. 
 ?Veteran star Sanjay Dutt to play lead role in "TORBAAZ". What's this film all about ?

It is a beautiful film on kid suicide bombers and I'm sure audiences will savour this film, as it has an International  appeal and will envisage some breathtaking locations and a script to die for. Director Girish Malik & Sanju, both are giving their best to this film. 
 ?Which is your best investment ?

It is in the desire to seek knowledge. For me education is a process that ends with life and am constantly learning as I believe in Chanakaya, when he says it's knowledge alone that can surpass both beauty and youth. I hope I continue travelling on my path of seeking knowledge.

?Do you splurge on anything ?

On myself by trying to take out maximum time for my own self, as most importantly I have to keep myself calm, considering the fact that I lead a high stress life, involving multi-tasking and undertaking inadequacy management simple words, getting people what they desire ..beginning with good cinema.  
?Have you ever faced difficult times in your life ?

-Life is not a problem to be solved but a reality to be experienced, says Budha. Having said that , problems are an inherent part of everyone' s life and should exist too, as a smooth sea cannot produce a skilled sailor. But I take all the problems and hardships in my stride, as its my scars that have made me what I am today. 

?Do you remember any interesting incident/incidents  memorable  in your life ?

Too many incidents have occurred in my life, but one which left an indelible mark on me was when my late father told me, just days before his demise, “be good to everyone in life without expecting anything,
even if 10 % of them turn back and help you, your life will be made”.
This was my first and best lesson in karma and synergy.

?What are your future plans ?

I love and live in the present , as roads were built to travel and not reach a destination. And without a destination , I shall never be lost. More importantly, i believe in positivity and hope I shall accomplish whatever my heart desires. As you don't achieve unless you desire. 

?Lastly, any ambition in life?
Winners are not people who never fail but people who never quit. And it's my ambition never ever to quit my desire to seek & achieve. I may be jack of many trades, but would like to always be master of my own!! 

                    (Mr. Arun Sharma is a senior Journalist and earlier worked with Times of India )
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