Our society and government both must take immediate steps to provide the fearless life

October 05, 2013 05:48 PM



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Everyone has right to live life freely and openly and why not??neha
>> After all, we belong to independent India. Everyone has right to live
>> life
>> in his/her own way, but when we introspect, one question crops us in our
>> mind “are we really free??”
>> For people, independence in lifestyle means tension free life but it is
>> far
>> from truth because fear and tension have entered in our body and soul
>> like
>> a virus. Youth especially females are living under continuous fear and
>> feel
>> helpless and they dread the worst.
>> Our society and government both must take immediate steps to provide the
>> fearless life. This is possible when our society is free from the most
>> dreaded disease DRUGS. Youth must be educated against use of drugs, only
>> then we will feel safe.
>> The awareness to youth on the negative impacts of drugs is the need of
>> the
>> hour as drugs are negatively an important factor in misleading youth
>> today.
>> Under the influence of drugs, person simply don’t know what is right and
>> what is wrong and becomes very violent.
>> To live in free world, youth must be educated practically as the starry
>> and
>> glamorous world attracts all and sundry. Youth MUST be able to see in
>> length and breadth of life and its realities. ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT
>> GOLD. Similarly, what we see is because of the result of a rigorous team
>> work.
>> Like our finger prints do not match with any one, same way our lives our
>> sorrows do not match with any one. Every person is very unique in
>> oneself.
>> Even if you want to compete with one, compete with yourself. You are the
>> best competition of your own.
>> In this fast paced life, where we live and do what others are living and
>> doing, we get lost sometimes and, by the time we realize, we loose
>> precious
>> time of our life and that leads to Depression.
>> Let’s take baby steps and lets pledge to be positive part of our family,
>> love our family, dedicate ourselves to the society as SOCIETY IS WHAT WE
>> ARE.
>> Mahatma Gandhi rightly said “Be the Change You Want”.
>> Chandigarh

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