May 02, 2017 04:45 PM

Chandigarh (Face2News)

The Punjabi community is bringing laurels to India from all across the globe and one such achievement has been made by Ranbir Sodhi. Making Punjabis proud globally, Dhuri-born Ranbir Sodhi has been elected to the Council of Governors of Vantaa once again. He has been inducted as a Valttutettu, an Indian equivalent of MLA, in the recently-concluded elections.He has been elected three times in a row for the position in the Finland province. A Social Democratic Party representative, the businessman turned politician became the first immigrant from India to be elected in the Vantaa Assembly in 2007.  

Sodhi, who resides in Hiekkaharju city in Vantaa, will represent the fourth most populated city of Finland with a population of over 2.20 lakhs. He did his graduation from Government College in Malerkotla and M.A. in Economics and Financial Management from Punjabi University, Patiala. He has been living in Vantaa for over 30 years along with his wife and son and runs a night club business in Finland with his brother.

Terming his victory as a milestone for India and the Punjabi community, Sodhi said that over 2,000 Punjabi immigrants lived in Finland. He said that the people of Vantaa voted him because of his commitment to the society. Sodhi said that development of the infrastructure of the province and taking care of the social welfare of the people were his topmost priorities. Vantaa has the biggest airport in Finland and a science-centre, Heureka.

He said that the people had full faith in him and unlike India, the people in Finland questioned candidates if they fail to deliver. “I am thankful to the people and promise to fulfill all their expectations with utmost dedication,” he said, talking on the phone from Finland.The visionary man wants to make the province of Vantaa, a prominent landmark in Finland. The people of Vantaa have aalways supported him and he wanted to reciprocate their faith by offering them his dedicated services. Ranbir Sodhi has plans to visit his motherland Punjab soon and aims to initiate trade relations between Finland and India with special focus on Punjab.

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