Wings to the dream

November 07, 2013 12:17 PM

By Neeraj Sharma

There is always a first time for everything we do. This first time came in my life, when I got the opportunity to head Aamchi Mumbai by air. There would be lots of people to whom commuting by air is like any other normal thing. But to me, it was not less than a dream come true. My families and kindred friends were equally ecstatic who appeared to feel this flying journey through my senses. Adding to my wonder, was the size of the plane. As , I never had been to an airport. It was a science rocket for me to take me to the another world.   Raucous engine sound sounds like drum beats and big entrance undeniably gives you a royal, palpable feel. Ravishing air hostesses are sufficient to puff you up by according immense respect and delectable delicacies. As the plane galloped on the runway, my heart beat  surged to the equal proportion. Within minutes, we were aloft in the air and sizes of the people, roads and almost everything waned.  Few minutes after, even the entire city was visible to the diminutive eyes, while the cars turned into toys like in a child’s world of fantasy. Thought, about all those thoughts that traipse in our minds while going through everyday chores. Futility of the ill-will feelings justifies, it is when seen with a different angle.

          Practically felt to be on the cloud nine, when was in the clouds. It was simply exquisite,  picturesque panorama . Flying above clouds with the shimmering sun above, was once in a blue moon heavenly route for me. To peep gigantic mountains, meandering  rivers, dense forests from the top hardly give  the opportunity to wink. My puerile behavior even forced me to go to the lavatory with a purpose to answer nature’s call at such height. Effort was bit frightening but most importantly Interesting! Amidst scores of sophisticated personalities, who’re engaged in reading, IPADS, siestas only  the plane and one person was unsettled.  Finally, plane started to descend and we’re flying over Mumbai where skyscrapers and blue slum roofs were conspicuous.On a board was emblazoned, “Welcome to Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport Mumbai” looked like entire Mumbai welcomes you with open arms. It was truly a special day for me unlike co-passengers who might had experienced same thing in the past. First journey fall memorable and I’d cherish it. Because of the de facto reason, same feel would never be evoked again.      

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