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December 30, 2018 01:02 PM

Mumbai (Face2News)

   Hiba Nawab:  Usually I’m in Mumbai for the New Year but this time I’m going out of town with my friends where we will also party. I will then be visiting the Hajj on 1st and will resume with my shoot and workout from the next day. I feel New Year is like a fresh start for people, with new hopes and a new beginning, thus I would ask everyone to have fun and eat lots of good food. My resolution for the New Year is to work out and be on a strict diet to stay healthy throughout the year. 

Manoj Joshi: My New Year celebrations are always very simple as I prefer being at home, with my family, taking on some resolution for the coming year. My New Year’s resolution, this time, is to lose some weight and remain healthy. Wishing for everyone’s good health, I request all my viewers to enjoy with their family and closed ones, starting this New Year with lots of love and good wishes. 

Nikhil Khurana: 
New Year has always been special for me as I’m from an army school and we would go to army clubs to celebrate the New Year. Everyone, from kids to senior citizens and all my school mates, would come along and have lots of fun partying together. So, New Year always reminds me of my days in the cantonment area with my father. This year, I’m travelling to Pune to my friend’s place where all of us, army kids, are going to chill together and have a lot of fun with loads of delicious food and the viewers.

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