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We have seen how Bollywood has made us meet a variety of Taporis and Gundas over the years, leaving a typical image of such characters in our minds. However, not all Taporis are gangsters or evil. The role, although not easy to play, has been aced by few actors with their completely changed look and extremely impressive accent. Here are some Taporis of the film and television industry who charmed the audiences with their performance and good deeds.

Sanjay Dutt – ‘Munna Bhai MBBS’

When we talk about gundas or taporis, the first name that comes to mind is SanayDutt in Munna Bhai MBBS. This comedy drama had Sanjay Dutt donning the role of Munna Bhai in his commendable Bombay slang and equally complementing attire. Adopting Gandhigiri, this tapori saved the day for many by solving their problems in his own quirky manner.

Aamir Khan – ‘Rangeela’

Mr. Perfectionist managed to impress the audience with his commendable performance in Rangeela. This blockbuster movie saw Aamir Khan as the orphaned street kid Munna, friends with a rich girl Mili since childhood. Aamir aced the role of a Tapori with his perfect acting, clothes and accent as he dreams of the Mumbai movie industry but ends up selling movie tickets in black.

Shah Rukh Khan – ‘Josh’

Humming to the tunes of ‘Apun bola tumeri Laila’, we cannot forget Shah Rukh’s marvelous Tapori performance in Josh. He charmed us all with his worked-upon accent, stunning goggles and the overall look to make it even more realistic playing the character of Max, the leader of the gang Eagles.

ShreyasTalpade – ‘My name IjjLakhan’

ShreyasTalpade is all set to enter the tapori train with his upcoming show My Name IjjLakhan on Sony SAB. Making his television debut, Shreyas plays the role of Lakhan, a tapori, who works under the shadow of Lucky Bhai. However, an incident in his life is about to change the way he looks at life, adopting good deeds in his own peculiar ways.

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