February 13, 2019 04:27 PM

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 “It’s a huge opportunity for me and I am extremely happy”, says Shivani Badoni as Funty in Baavle Utaavle 

· What is the concept of the show Baavle Utaavle?

It is a story about two crazy familes, that of Funty and Guddu. All the family members are totally in love with each other and their partners. While Guddu and Funty are searching for their partners. Guddu is inspired by his Bhaaisaab, who just got married and thus, he wants to get married as well. Whereas Funty is a very simple girl and always prays to god to get a perfect husband. 

· Something about your character, Kusum aka Funty?

Funty is a very sweet and simple girl, who is also a bit shy. However, she is very smart when the need arises. Most of the times she is in her own dream world, searching for a perfect‘Var’.

 · How has the experience been so far, shooting on the set of Baavle Utaavle?

Since the first day of the workshops itself, the four of us- Me, Paras Arora (Guddu), Vaibhav Singh (Bhaaisaab) and Mohita Srivastava (Sonu Bhabhi), clicked instantly and we enjoy a lot while shooting as well. The concept of the show is so funny that even in-between the shots there is so much craziness happening and I get scolded at times; but I am learning. 

· How excited are you for your debut as a protagonist?

I am very excited. It’s a huge opportunity for me and I am extremely happy. My co-star, Paras, is very supportive and helps me for my scenes. 

· What made you take up this role?

I loved the character of Funty. She makes you feel the emotions of innocence and sweetness and hence, I was drawn towards the character. 

· We are now in 2019. Do you think we have, in our society, progressed ourselves to express our intimate feelings openly?

No, we haven’t. Possibly in Tier 1 cities we have, but not in rural areas or Tier 3 cities. This show will possibly break the monotony and bring forward something new. 

· Funty doesn’t know cooking in the show. Do you, in real life, know how to cook?

No, I can’t cook in real life as well.

 · What are your thoughts on getting married in real life?

Of course, one day I want to get married. But that day is too far away as I currently would love to focus on my career. 

· What are your expectations from the show? What will the audience like?

We all are doing a lot of hard work and are totally into our characters. So, I hope the audience appreciates that and enjoys the show as much as we enjoy shooting it. 

· Are there any similarities between your character on the show and you in real life?

Not so much and that’s the reason I have to do double hard work to do justice to the character. 

· Have you done any specific preparations to get into the skin of the character?

I have watched movies like Queen, to get a hold of the language and some mannerisms. Also, our director Rishi sir, helps me a lot to get in sync with the character. 

· Do you watch Sony SAB? What is your favourite show on the channel?

Yes, I do watch Sony SAB. I watch Jijaji Chhat Per Hain and I love Hiba Nawab in that.

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