February 21, 2019 12:45 PM

Sikh Community congratulates Congressman Pence on his appointment as member of Foreign Affairs Committee.


U. S. Representative from Indiana's 6th Congressional district Greg Pence recognized the recent achievement of Sikhs Political Action Committee founder and chairman Indian American Sikh Gurinder Singh Khalsa, who recently was conferred with the 2019 Rosa Parks Trailblazer Award. Mr Gurinder Khalsa is originally hails from Ambala District of Haryana (India).

“Congratulations on your tremendous achievement,” Pence stated in his presentation to Singh Khalsa with Sikh community of Indiana. “On behalf of the people of Indiana’s Sixth Congressional District, I thank you for your hard work and dedication to civility and responsible citizenship. May your commitment to faith and the communities in which we live continue to inspire future acts that would strengthen our state and nation.”

As grateful as Singh Khalsa was for the recent recognition from Greg Pence on Wednesday afternoon, he was just as grateful for Pence’s appointment to the Foreign Affairs Committee. “Greg Pence is good for Indiana and will be good for Fishers. I look forward to working with him in the future. He will bring the world to Indiana and Indiana to the world.”

In attendance at the day’s recognition was Jeffrey Wehmueller, former prosecutor of Hamilton County. "I am truly grateful to Congressman Greg Pence for his recognition of Gurinder Singh Khalsa as the recipient of the 2019 Rosa Parks Award. Gurinder addressed the injustice of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) with dignified resolve insuring others are not singled out for their religious beliefs,” Wehmueller shared.

“Mr. Singh did not combat it with faux "outrage," "virtue signaling," or unseemly displays of emotion. Rather, Mr. Singh approached the issue by petitioning the members of Congress as a citizen with the expectation his religious customs be acknowledged and respected . . . just as the late Rosa Parks did so many years ago. It is a lesson many others who seek social justice would do well to learn. I'm very proud to call Gurinder Singh my friend.”

Brian Jurkovich also shared, “Today, it was a pleasure to witness Gurinder’s Recognition award presented by Congressman Greg Pence. As Gurinder campaigns for Fishers City Council Member, the electorate will recognize that his ongoing leadership will position him to be an effective and impactful steward in this role.”
Mr Greg Pence was received by Mr Gurinder Singh Khalsa at the Sikhs PAC Office at 5436 Emerson Way, Indianapolis, 46226. Mr Greg Pence is the elder brother of USA Vice President Mike Pence.
Among those present at the function were Brian Jurkovich, internationally known farmer Jonathan Lawler, Dr Bijender Kront, Gurpreet Singh Malhi, Dr Sandeep Kukreja, Dr Chandan Singh Sethi, Deputy Sheriff William Clifford, Mario Massillamany and Mrs Gagandeep Kaur Khalsa.

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