March 04, 2019 09:48 PM

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A team of SpecialCell/NDR, Lodhi Colony, New Delhi led by Inspector Kailash Singh Bisht,Inspector Ravinder Kumar Tyagi and Inspector Pramod Chauhan under thesupervision of Shri Govind Sharma, ACP/Special Cell/NDR has busted a module of anInter-national Narco-Drug Cartel by apprehending four Afghan nationals namely(1) Abdul Haq Noorzai r/o Farah Afghanistan, (2) Mohammad Naeim Noorzai r/o Farah Afghanistan, (3) Mohammad EsmaelNoorzai r/o Farah Afghanistan & (4) Mohammad Nasim Noorzai r/o FarahAfghanistan from IGI Airport, Delhi.

Mr. Pramod Singh Kushwah, DCP , said, all the four accused persons are found transporting heroin concealed in the abdomen for sale in Delhi/NCR and other states. All four accused persons are still admitted in the Safdarjung Hospital , Delhi and 920 grams of heroin has been extracted by the doctors till now. More heroin is expected to be extracted from these accused persons by the doctors and it may take few more days to excrete all the capsules of heroin from their abdomen. 


On23.02.2019, information was received in Special Cell/NDR that an internationalgang indulging in smuggling of suspicious articles in India from abroad isactive in Delhi/NCR and at about 7 PM, 4 such suspects of this gang would comefrom abroad at IGI Airport Delhi along with illegal suspicious material.Immediately a team of Special Cell/NDR along with informer reached at T-3, IGIAirport, Delhi and positioned itself in-front of Arrival Gate No.4. At about 7.00 P.M. four persons came out fromthe arrival gate No.4 of IGI Airport T-3. Two were carrying bags in their hands. Informer identified all the fourpersons as the suspects who were smuggling suspicious material from abroad. Allthe above four suspected persons were detained. On interrogation and checkingof passports/VISA, all suspect persons were found to be Afghanistan Nationalwhose identities emerged as (1) Abdul Haq Noorzai r/o Farah Afghanistan, (2) MohammadNaeim Noorzai r/o Farah Afghanistan, (3) Mohammad Esmael Noorzai r/o FarahAfghanistan & (4) Mohammad Nasim Noorzai r/o Farah Afghanistan. During search of their bags, nothingincriminating was recovered. Duringinterrogation, all the detained persons were feeling uncomfortable and showedsign of dizziness. On questioning, they did not answer satisfactory about thesame.

Accordingly, all the four suspectswere taken to Safdarjung Hospital and a written request was made for theirmedical examination to verify the suspicious material, if any, in their bodies.

The doctors prepared the MLCs of allsuspects and carried out their X-Ray & other examination and foundsuspicious capsules in their body. Thereafter all suspects were given medicaltreatment for excretion of these capsules from their stomach by the  doctors. 


On 24/02/2018 doctors gave 13Cylindrical Capsules excreted by suspect Abdul Haq Noorzai, 07 Cylindrical Capsules excreted by Mohammad Naeim Noorzai, 10 Cylindrical Capsules excretedby Mohammad Esmael Noorzai and 21 Cylindrical Capsules excreted by MohammadNasim Noorzai. All the Capsules were properly packed with thin transparentpolythene.

The recovered 51capsules wereexamined and found containing Heroin in them. 400grams of Heroin recovered from 51 capsules. Accordingly a case for offencesunder section 21/23/29 of NDPS Act was registered against all four accusedpersons.

After the above recovery, X-ray of their body conducted showed presence of more capsules in their body.

Subsequently, 21 Cylindrical Capsules excreted by suspect Abdul Haq Noorzai, 20 Cylindrical Capsulesexcreted by Mohammad Naeim Noorzai, 21 Cylindrical Capsules excreted byMohammad Esmael Noorzai and 09 Cylindrical Capsules excreted by Mohammad NasimNoorzai. 520 grams of Heroin recovered from 71 capsules. All the four accusedare still admitted in Safdarjung Hospital and further recovery of capsules isexpected.


During interrogation, it is revealed that the above fouraccused persons had come to Delhi on the pretext of medical treatment in Indiaon medical visa but were actually smuggling heroin. This Norco drug cartel isheaded by Drug lords based in Kandhar, Afghanistan. They are using this methodto smuggle contraband on a frequent basis to India. The accused persons havealso stated that a consignment of heroin was further to be supplied to Africannationals. 


122capsule containing, 920 grams of fine quality heroin. Further recovery of capsules is expected.


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