April 04, 2019 06:42 PM

Chandigarh (Face2News)

The Election Commission of India  through cVIGIL App has  for the first time  equipped the  people with  the power equal to that of an Election Observer, to register complaints related to violation of Model Code of Conduct  for the General Elections to Lok Sabha-2019. By using this App, citizens can support in  the Election Commission  for conducting the elections in a free, fair and transparent manner.

While giving this information today, Haryana Chief Electoral Officer, Mr Rajiv Ranjan said that through this latest mobile application, the citizens can report about violation of Model Code of Conduct and election expenses. He said that  the citizens could download this application from Google Play store on Android phone and from App Store on iPhone. He said that people can take photographs or record two minute’s video and upload it on this app. The photo and video would be uploaded to the app with automatic GPS location and within 20 minutes after registering the complaint, the concerned team would reach the location and efforts would be made to resolve the complaint within 100 minutes.

He said that the main aim of this App is to curb violation of Model Code of Conduct and restrain the people from excessive expenditure during elections so that they work within the purview of law. He said that as the number of officers and employees on election duty are limited so with the participation of public, the Commission would get more information. He said that if the complainant does not want to disclose his name or identity then the Application has the facility of registering the complaint without disclosing any identity. He said that if the complainant discloses his identity or number then he would receive all information related to  the kind of action taken on the complaint till it is resolved.

He said that through cVIGIL App, the citizens can give live report of violation of Civil Model Code of Conduct. No old photo or video could be uploaded on this application. There is only the facility of uploading live photos or video on this application. The complaints which could be reported through this application included distribution of money, gift or coupon, liquor, poster or banner without permission, demonstration of firearms, threats, unauthorized entry of convoy or vehicle, paid news,  facilitating the voters to reach to the polling booth on the day of voting, campaigning on the day of voting within 100 meters of the polling booth, election campaigning  after close of campaigning 48 hours before polling day, religious or communal speech, use of loud speakers more than the permitted time and pasting of posters without declaration.

He said that if the complainant does not have a Smartphone therefore cannot make use of Cvigil App, then  one can also register the complaint on Voter Helpline Toll Free Number-1950 and National Grievance Service Portal. He said that in earlier times during elections, false reports of violation of Model Code of Conduct also used to be registered, which were not possible to be monitored. This App would check such false reports, the complaints would be monitored and would also be timely redressed.  The main advantage of this App is that the photos or videos uploaded on it would be useful as evidences and if any such cases go to the Court then these photos or videos could be presented as evidences.  

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