April 08, 2019 10:15 PM

Chandigarh (Face2News)

According to the directions of Election Commission of India, each candidate can spend an amount of upto Rs 70 lakh for election campaigning in Haryana at the time of General Elections to Lok Sabha-2019.

Before filling the nomination papers, the candidate will have to open a separate bank account either on his name or a joint account with his name and with his election agents’ name. All types of election related expenses will be carried out through that bank account only.

While giving this information, Joint Chief Electoral Officer of Haryana, Dr Inder Jeet said that all the political parties or candidates must strictly adhere to the rules related to maintaining of election expenses. He said that the expenditure limit in General Elections to Lok Sabha-2019 is Rs 70 lakh. Apart from this, the candidate would be given expenditure register at the time of filling of nomination papers in which he would have to maintain the details of sum received for election expenses and details of expenses.

He said that the candidate can spend in cash up to Rs 10,000 and for over Rs 10,000, the candidate can spend through cheque, RTGS, NEFT and Demand Draft. The Election Commission of India would appoint Election Expenditure Observers to keep vigil on election expenses. The District Administration would depute Assistant Election Expenditure Observers in every Assembly Constituency. At the election campaigning, the candidate would have to get his expenditure register examined thrice on the prescribed date and time as given by the Election Expenditure Observer, else he or she would be served notice. If any candidate does not come to get his expenditure details examined then the permission sought by the candidate for taking vehicles would be withdrawn and he would not be able to use those vehicles.  

Dr Inder Jeet said that this time, it is mandatory for the candidate to furnish the details of last five years’ Income tax returns (ITR). Wherever required in cases, details of the Hindu undivided family should also be given. At the same time, it is also mandatory to furnish the details of candidates’ or his any family members’ bank account in any foreign bank or other foreign institution, the information about their deposits and liabilities. He said that according to the directions of the Commission, the candidate would also have to information about his social media account. Later, if it is found that the candidate has not given information about his social media account, then action could also be taken against him. 


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