April 25, 2019 12:42 PM

Mumbai /Ludhiana (Face2News)

Raveena Tandon who will be seen as the guest judge in the upcoming weekend episodes of Sony Entertainment Television's kids dance reality show, Super Dancer Chapter 3 had a gala time on the sets of the show where the contestants along with their Super Guru's performed renditions of her famous songs. Time and again, the show has got the audiences hooked with amazing dance performances by the young contestants which leads to the show constantly topping the TRP charts. In the upcoming episode, the electrifying performance of Dhairya who earned the tag of, ‘Chote Birju Maharaj’ kept Raveena at the edge of her seat.

  Dhairya and his Super Guru Kumar performed on Raveena’s famous song, ‘Nain Se Naino Ko Mila’ which was sung by Adnan Sami. The song which was a rage in its time changed the dynamics on the show where Dhairya and Kumar did a Khathak rendition on this song. The performance took Raveena by surprise as she never imagined anyone performing the song in an Indian classical form. The additional element in their performance were live music performers which surprised all the judges. Dhairya’s spectacular performance not only made Raveena recall her days of shooting this song, but she also agreed that little Dhaiya has rightfully earned the title, ‘Little Birju Maharaj’ on the show.  

Raveena expressed her appreciation towards Dahirya by saying, “I could not look beyond Dhairya in this performance. He was electric. I heard that he is called, ‘Birju Maharaj ke chhote se nanhe se avatar’ and he has rightfully earned the title. I have done Kathak myself and, I think there is no other dance or art form which has so much, ‘ada’. My mother also is trained in Kathak and she was blessed to learn it from Birju Maharaj ji for 15 years. I have heard so many stories and if he would have seen Dahirya perform then he would have not only blessed him, he would also have hugged him tightly. And as I said, Tandanon ka jhanda gaad diya Dhairya ne!”


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