May 24, 2019 07:43 PM

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Laughter is the language of the soul. Sticking to these words is Sony SAB’s light hearted comedy show, Bhakharwadi. Set against the backdrop of Pune, Bhakharwadi is a comic take on ideological differences between a Marathi and Gujarati family competing with each other in the bhakharwadi business and more. This slice of life show stars some outstanding characters who are simply hilarious and would certainly put a big smile on your face.

 One such character is the audacious, sweet, smart and simply funny, Urmila (Bhakti Rathod), Mahendra’s wife, from the Gujarati Thakkar family. Urmila is a confident woman but lacks any verbal filters whatsoever and ends up saying things without paying heed to circumstances or surroundings. She is often seen mixing up names while narrating instances and stories or giving examples which lead to hilarious twists turning her into quite a comical character on the show.

Here’s a look at some instances when Urmila made us laugh with her hilarious name mix ups. Brace yourself for some “Same hi to hai” name mix ups: 

1. When Mahendra and Urmila discuss about the inauguration of their shop, ‘Gayatri Snacks and Sweets’. Urmila with her ever so enthusiastic self recommends someone to inaugurate their shop and says, “Hum apni vo (struggles to remember the name), arey apni wo Om Shanti Om picture aur Piku picture ki heroine…….Ranveer Singh!”  

2. When Nirmiti, Keshav and Anna visit Thakkar house to return Urmila’s dabbas. She comfortably refers to Nirmiti as Bharati ben while defending “ha bhaiya same haave! Dono Devrani Jethani hi hai na. Kya aap bhi baal ki khaal nikaal rahe hain, Anna!”  

3. While choosing a song for Karaoke with Mahendra, Urmila demands a song of a particular actor from Bollywood, “Vo kya naam hai, vo Guru picture aur Yuva picture ka hero..umm..haa! Jaya Bachchan!” 

4. While discussing the dates with the panditji for their store’s inauguration, she gives yet another suggestion for a chief guest for the opening, struggling to recollect the name she says, “vo main naam bhul gayi…vo apna Mary Kom aur Barfi picture ki heroine..haa..PREM CHOPRA!!” 

5. When the entire cast of Bhakharwadi gave their best performance on Super Dancer 3, Urmila happily referred to the host of the show, Rithvik Dhanjani, as Hrithik Roshan! But again, “Same hi to hai!!” 

For all the Urmila fans, when the next time you mix up a name, you say?

‘Ab aap bhi kya baal ki khaal nikaal rahe hai!’ 

Catch more such interesting moments only on Bhakharwadi every Monday – Friday at 8 PM on Sony SAB

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