June 04, 2019 09:25 PM

Mumbai (Face2News)

Sony Entertainment Television’s upcoming comedy family drama, Isharon Isharon Mein is all set to entertain the viewers with its unique flavours mixed with a hint of humour, drama and wit. The show would will focus on the life of Yogi, a deaf and mute boy and his family.

  The story plot will effectively bring out the storyline where Yogi a.k.a Mudit Nayar in spite of being differently-abled is one among us and doesn’t let his disability hinder in his day-to-day life. He lives a normal everyday life just like us. 

Recently, we caught the cast shooting for the upcoming promo of the show and as the series is yet to emanate on small screens, it was observed that the cast of the show instantly built a rapport and shared a great bonding off camera. While shooting for the promo, 10 kgs of the, ‘King of fruits’ i.e. mangoes were ordered. Less did anyone realised that all the mangoes were consumed by everyone at the promo shoot. The production then had to order more mangoes in order to complete the shoot. But one thing was for sure, everyone enjoyed gorging on the tasty summer fruit and had no regret. 

A source present on the sets of the promo shoot revealed, “We had ordered 10 kg fresh mangoes during the shoot and the cast seemed relishing the summers with mangoes. They would all get their hands on them as soon as there was a break started as they collectively finishing the entire lot in a few hours. It was really great to see everyone come together and enjoy eating the fruit. We then called for more mangoes and continued with the shoot.” Isharon Isharon Mein Coming Soon on Sony Entertainment Television!

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