June 19, 2019 10:51 AM

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Shilpa Shetty Kundra who is a dedicated fitness enthusiasts is currently judging Sony Entertainment Television’s popular reality show Super Dancer Chapter 3. While Shilpa enjoys reliving her dancing days with the kids on the show she shared how Yoga and dancing is a prominent part of her life. Let us look at what Shilpa Shetty Kundra has to say on this yoga day and how she manages to stay fit in the hustle-bustle routine while managing reality show like Super Dancer Chapter 3, her yoga application, magzines and other over the top content.

How important is yoga and fitness in your life?

Being healthy is the sole motto of my life.I suffered with a severe cervical neck issue 18 yrs ago . Turned to yoga at that time and never turned back..I believe yoga is the most important aspect of my life , it’s imbibed a discipline . There is an urgent need and reason to focus on fitness and health is because we lead such fast paced lives when planning for the future has become so important that we are not enjoying the present. Teens are losing hope, confidence and judged on social media, grownups have deadlines , emi, and expectations to meet making Stress a big part of our lives..In such situations yoga , helps you with cleansing your mind from negative thoughts and oxygenating your brain cells helping you think with clarity , focus and positive thoughts .With Long term benefits , increasing level of energy and confidence.

Out of Experience I can only say that yoga has been my biggest stress buster ,confidence giver, and age reverser. Amongst many other benefits or starting with it being the most holistic way of strengthening me (internally and externally )toning and aligning your mind body and your emotional faculties.

Do you think mental health is an issue to address?

I personally feel that mental illness is a big issue and should be addressed broadly.

I still feel there is a stigma attached to mental health in terms of not being able to speak about it all people still do not want to address the issue broadly all or on a public platform or publicly it is the need of the are to change those things because mind is it is mind over body and they cannot be a bit better and you don’t then yoga for those people who are still not ready to go out and seek help please don’t do yoga and I can assure you the Longdon benefits will be plenty and you will definitely see a positive done around your health. In my opinion I feel people should focus more on mental health as THE MIND IS MORE POWERFUL THEN THE BODY.

What is the best way to keep ourself fit and enthusiastic?

Dancing is one way to stay fit. I don’t get the time to dance as I’m very occupied with work/ being a mom Being a part of the dance reality show like Super Dancer Chapter 3 I see the opportunity of reliving my dancing moments. These incredible kids in the show- Rupsa, Saksam, Tejas, and Gourav always inspire to stay enthusiastic and make dance as a part of my regime. I dance my heart out when I’m at a wedding or with my friends or any opportunity to let my hair down on the dance floor is one way of kind of a stress buster and losing calories.

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