July 16, 2019 11:41 PM

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A team of South-Western Range of Special Cell led by Insp. Rahul Kumar Singhunder theclose supervision of Sh.Sanjay Dutt, ACP has arrested a wanted terrorist of Jaish-e-Mohammad namely Bashir Ahmad Ponur/o Sopore, Jammu &Kashmir. He was convicted by the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi in the year 2014 incase FIR No. 07/2007dated 05.02.2007 u/s121/121A/122/123/186/353/307/489-B/489-C/120-B IPC, 4/5Explosive SubstancesAct, 25/27 Arms Act, 14 Foreigners Act &17/18/20/21/23 UnlawfulActivities(Prevention) Act, PS Special Cell, Delhi.Since his conviction orders,he was evading his arrest, despite issuance of Non-Bailable Warrants againsthim. Considering the gravity of offences in which he was sentenced, a cashreward of Rs. 2 Lakh was declared by Delhi Police for his arrest. 



Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Yadav, DCP, said on  04.02.2007, on the basis of secret and specific information, officialsofSpecial Cell of Delhi Police apprehended four terrorists ofJaish-e-Mohd.(JeM), (1) ShahidGafoor r/o Distt.Siyalkot, Pakistan,(2) BashirAhmed Ponnu @Maulvi r/o Distt.Baramullah, J&K, (3) Fayaz Ahmed Lone r/oKupwara,J&K and (4) Abdul Majid Baba r/o Distt.Baramullah, J&K, after abriefencounter at DeenDayalUpadhayayMarg, Delhi. 3 kg.of PETN, 4 detonators,one timer, 6 hand grenades, one pistol of .30 bore, onemagazine with two livecartridges, Indian currency Rs.50,000/- and fake US currency$-10,000 wererecovered from their possession.

A case vide FIR No. 07dated05.02.2007 u/s 121/121A/122/123/186/353/307/489 B/489 C/120 B IPC,4/5Explosive Substances Act, 25/27 Arms Act 14 Foreigners Act &17/18/20/21/23Unlawful Activities(Prevention) Act was registered at PS SpecialCell, NewDelhi in this regard.

During interrogationthey revealedthat they are active members of Jaish-e-Mohammad and theyalong with Haider r/o Pakistan (Distt. Commander Sopore of Jaish-e-Mohammad)and others had hatched a conspiracy of a big terrorist attack in Delhi on thedirections of their mentors based in Pakistan. Accused ShahidGafoor r/oPakistan further revealed that he had illegally crossed over to India, twice inthe past, in 1998 and in 2002. On both the occasions, he was launched intoIndia along with other Pak militants through forward Kota, Pakistan–Poonch,India sector. He remained in J&K and carried out ghastly attack on RashtriyaRifles camp.

On 07.08.2013, Hon’ble ASJ Court convicted accused ShahidGafoor and acquittedBashir Ahmed Ponnu @ Maulvi, Fayyaz Ahmed Lone and Abdul Majid Baba. However, onappeal against their acquittal, the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi convicted all fourterrorists namely ShahidGafoor, Bashir Ahmed Ponnu@ Maulvi, Fayaz Ahmed Loneand Abdul Majid Baba for life imprisonment. After beingconvicted, Bashir, Fayaz and Abdul Majiddid not surrender before the Hon’bleHigh Court of Delhi and deliberately avoided their arrest. 

Thereafter, Hon’bleDelhiHigh Court issued Non-Bailable Warrants against them several times since 2014but none turned up. All the absconding accused persons are hardcore terroristsand possibility of their continuous involvement in anti-national and terroristactivities cannot be ruled out. In the interest of the security of the Nationtheir arrest was necessary. A reward of Rs. 2 Lakh was declared by Delhi Policeupon arrest of each of the absconding three accused persons.

OPERATION: Ina bid to locate and arrest these wanted and rewarded terrorists, a team ofSpecial Cell/SWR led by Sub-Insp. Anand Singh including ASI Mohd.Iqbal, HC HawaSingh, Ct DevenderKhatri& Otherswas sent to Jammu & Kashmir to developthe information about these terrorists. On 25.03.2019, one of the three accusednamely Fayaz Ahmad Lone was arrested by this team of Special Cell in Srinagar. Duringfurther operation on 11.05.2019 another wanted terrorist Abdul Majeed Baba wasarrested from Srinagar. After the arrest of these two accused persons, effortswere continued to arrest the remaining terrorist Bashir Ahmad Ponu. Localsources were deployed and technical surveillance was also mounted. With thearrest of two associates, accused Bashir got extra conscious and startedcontinuously changing his hideouts to dodge the police net. 

For the last two months, Special Cell team hadconducted several raids on accused’s traced hideouts with the help of localpolice and Army, but each time he managed to escape the police dragnet.Recently one raid was conducted at one of his hideout at Vill.Kandigham, Distt.Kupwarawith the help of local Police and SOG but even this time accused managed toescape the police net. Finally, on 15.07.2019, location of accused Bashir wastraced at Srinagar. A team of SI Anand Singh and ASI Mohd.Iqbal rushed toSrinagar where on the basis of specific information, accused Bashir Ahmad Ponuwas apprehended from the area of PS Kothibagh. He has been brought to Delhi forfurther legal proceedings after obtaining his transit remand from local court. 


BashirAhmad Ponu (aged 50 years)was born at his native town Maharajpora, Sopore,J&K. His father used to work as a fisherman. He is a school dropout. Beforearrest in 2007, he used to sell fruits on rehriin his town. In the year 1990when militancy was on peak in Kashmir valley, his cousin Basir Ahmad Lissujoined terrorist outfit HizbulMujahideen and received arms & explosivetraining in POK. However, in the year 1992, after return from POK hesurrendered before BSF and became informer for them. On his pursuance, subject(Bashir Ahmed Ponnu), also started working as informer of BSF. 

Inthe year 2002, one Jaish-e-Mohd. militant namely GhulamRasoolDothu r/o Soporeapproached subject to join JeM outfit in lieu of money. He gave Rs. 3000/- tosubject to seek more people to join JeM outfit. The subject introducedGhulamRasoolDothu with one Parvez Ahmad Radoo (later arrested in Delhi bySpecial Cell) r/o Sopore and arranged their meetings. Parvez Ahmad Radoo usedto study in Poona (Maharashtra) and he agreed to work for JeM people in lieu ofmoney. They assigned him task to collect hawala money of their outfit inMaharashtra and bring it safely upto Kashmir. During short period, the subjectcame in contact with other members of JeM and LeT outfits namelyGhulamRasoolBafanda (later arrested in Delhi by Special Cell) r/o Sopore andAltaf Ahmad Kirmani, a Pak trained militant of HM r/o Sopore (later arrested inDelhi by Special Cell). GhulamRasoolDothu remained active in JeM outfit and in2006, he was killed in an encounter with armed forces at Nagrota, Jammu withother JeM militants.

The ubject became very close to Altaf Ahmad Kirmani who introduced him with Pakmilitant Haider who asked subject to work for JeM outfit. To his proposal thesubject agreed and started providing logistic help to the members of JeM outfitfrom Sopore in lieu of money. The subject persuaded Abdul MajidBaba and FaiyazAhmad lone to join him and work for their outfit. On 04.02.2007, subject cameto Delhi with his other associates namely Fayaz Ahmad Lone and Abdul Majid Babato hand over the huge consignment of arms, ammunitions and explosives to theirother associate namely ShahidGafoor r/o Pakistan.All of them were arrestedafter a brief shootout with team of Special Cell at DeenDayalUpadhayayMarg, NewDelhi. Further investigation is in progress.

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