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Akshita Mudgal (Gayatri in Sony SAB’s Bhakharwadi)

Teacher’s Day brings back so many memories and it continues to be the day that I cherish. At every stage of life we need our Gurus. I feel fortunate that I'm still in touch with all my teachers from school and it is really touching when they call me and still pamper me the way they did during my school days. Recalling one of her memories Akshita said, “I had gifted my 'Heere jaise dil wale', Hira sir, a pen once on the occasion of Teacher's Day as I was his best student and he knew just the right way to ingrain every little detail while teaching me.”

In my life I’ve been blessed with the presence of several teachers who are really special to me and I want to thank them all on this day for making me who I am today. They gave me the courage and encouragement whenever I required and all of them along with my parents have played a major role in shaping my life. This Teacher’s Day I request all my fans and viewers to pay respect and give any token of appreciation to your Gurus as they all have played a part in making you who you are. 

Avneet Kaur (Yasmine in Sony SAB’s Aladdin: Naam Toh Suna Hoga)

I have always had a strong connection and rapport with my teachers in school and in college as well. Wherever I am right now in life, I owe it to them. I have been in the entertainment industry since my childhood. So, there is a great significance of teachers in my life and I’ve been really fortunate and blessed to find such unconditional and understanding teachers who helped me achieve my dreams while ensuring that I balance my studies and career at the same time.

Avneet while recalling a hilarious memory of her school days said, “I’ve always been a ‘shareef’ kid and shared a great bond with almost all my teachers but this one time the entire class planned to bunk the class of the strictest professor in school, which ultimately resulted in everyone getting a nasty remark on their dairies and scolding for life. This tense situation became hilarious for the entire class when he tripped around his table while furiously addressing us for bunking. The entire class burst into a loud laugh which guaranteed the remark further and I went home with my first remark.”

On this day, I want to urge all my fans to have fun with your teachers and make them feel extremely special as we sometime may not realize that they play such an important role in our lives. Plan something exciting in school and make this day a beautiful memory of your life. 

Aamir Dalvi (Zafar in Sony SAB’s Aladdin: Naam Toh Suna Hoga)

Teacher’s Day for me is for being thankful and showing gratitude to the people who have taught us something not only in our schools or colleges but in life. For me a teacher is someone who has given me foresight and directed me to the right path in life and that would be my family, close friends and most importantly, my mother. In school, Teacher’s Day used to be all about events and celebration but I’ve had a greater understanding of what teachers are all about, much later in life. My mother has been my guide in life and I’ve learnt a lot from her.

Sharing about his real life guru, Aamir said, “My mother is my real guru and I feel she is way ahead in life with her thoughts and vision. She inspires me to look at life differently and more beautifully and she is my inspiration in every step of my life. I also want to thank everyone who has taught me something about life as that has created who Aamir Dalvi is today.”

Aamir shared a sweet message for his viewers and fans, saying, “Learn! Life is short and it is a journey. Until you are not willing to learn, you won’t be willing to experiment. Try, Succeed, fail and bounce back like a warrior! As long as you aspire to learn, there will always be a teacher in your life. Happy Teacher’s Day.”

Hiba Nawab (Elaichi in Sony SAB’s Jijaji Chhat Per Hain)

 Teacher’s Day has great significance in my life and I believe an individual’s first teachers are their parents. In every walk of life I’ve been fortunate to have people that I look up to from my directors to even my colleagues. I have so many memories of Teacher’s Day from school and now that I think about it, I wish I can relive them.

Sharing her memories of school on Teacher’s Day, Hiba said, “Teacher’s Day was the only day in school where the most harsh and stern teachers would be sweet to you. We all used to decorate our classrooms and the most hilarious and entertaining part of the day used to be when the students would mimic the professors’ right in front of them. This day all was forgiven. I miss preparing dance sequences for this day where everyone used to dance, sing and simply have a happy, fun-filled day.”

To all my fans and viewers’, celebrate this day with your close ones who at one point of time in life has taught you something and thank them as these lessons and learning’s are a form of blessing in disguise. 

Akshay Kelkar (Abhishek in Sony SAB's Bhakharwadi)

Teacher's Day brings back so many memories from school as I was the naughtiest student of the class and a typical back bencher. I was known for my mischiefs and I was popular among my teachers for troubling them. Now that I look back, I miss my teachers as I realize how much they have taught me in life despite me being the trouble maker for them. I want to thank them all for teaching me the most valuable lesson of being patient and strive for what you want. I feel I'm really fortunate that I have had some immensely talented teachers in all the fields that I've explored so far.

Recalling one of his fondest memories of this day, Akshay said, “On this day the seniors used to dress as teachers and conduct the lectures for the day. It was during my last year in school that I realized that managing an entire class is so difficult. So I made it a point to give a rose to every teacher who I've troubled to show gratitude for what they did for us."

Akshay shared a wise and a touching message for all his viewers and fans, saying, "Teachers are your ladder between you and success and the beauty is that they do this unconditionally. Keep them closer to your heart and appreciate their hard work. Also, grab the opportunities life presents you with as the experience gained from them will also be your greatest teacher in life. Happy Teacher's Day to all my teachers."

Anusha Mishra (Alia in Sony SAB’s Tera Kya Hoga Alia)

I have realized the real significance of teachers at this point of time in my life as I am transitioning in an entirely new profession, from an agency girl to being Alia on Sony SAB. My teachers have played a crucial role in my life specially now as I was gearing towards getting into the character of Alia and doing justice to her beautiful personality. My director, diction teacher and every person on the set is my teacher as they have taught me and held my hand through every step of this crazy and exciting journey of being Alia.

This day I would like to thank everyone who has supported me and held their composure during the challenging times. I want to also thank my mother, Pratichi Mishra, because all that I know about being an artist is because of her.

Talking about her character in the show, Anusha said, “It is really interesting that I am also playing a role of a history teacher in our show Tera Kya Hoga Alia. I must say that a lot of effort and hard work goes into preparing yourself to be a teacher and getting all the facts right in order to teach a class full of students. Hats off to all the teachers in the world for the unconditional effort and hard work they put into every students’ lives.” 

Dev Joshi (Baalveer in Sony SAB’s Baalveer Returns)

It is important to have teachers in everyone’s life. My parents are the first teachers who directed me and supported me in my journey in this industry. Having started as a child artist, several people have played a huge role in molding me into who I am today and it’s my privilege that I had the support of the right people at the right time.

As superhero Baalveer is making a grand comeback with Baalveer Returns, it calls for much thrilling action sequences and performance. Talking about his role, Dev said, “My role now demands intense physical training in order to attain perfection in every action scene. I cannot thank my physical fitness trainers enough as they have put all their efforts into preparing me for the role and accommodated their schedule around me.”

Dev further added, “This Teacher’s Day take some time out from your busy schedule to just thank everyone who took you a step close in making your dream come true.”

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