September 09, 2019 08:50 PM

Abohar/Abu Road.(Face2News)

General (Retd) VK Singh, Union Minister of State for Road Transport and Highways and Dadi Janki, Head of the Brahma Kumaris inaugurated conference for architects on the topic “Spiritual Empowerment of Architects” in Abu Road.

In the inaugural speech VK Singh said that the presence of non-political people is very relevant in the political arena. That was his original motivation when he joined politics. It helps to bring the concerns of the common man to the corridors of power. Spirituality can solve all individual and social problems. The atmosphere here is filled with energy. The organization is doing commendable work all over the world. It works for increasing the capabilities of human beings.

Dadi Janki, while interacting with the audience, said that if we have feelings of warmth towards each other, only then is real harmony and brotherhood possible in this world. For this, moral values must be practiced.

BK Santosh, Head of Maharashtra and Telangana Zone of the Brahma Kumaris, said that all people are the children of the same Supreme Soul. For making the soul shine, the practice of Rajyoga meditation is a must.

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