September 12, 2019 04:55 PM

Shimla (Vijyender Sharma)

The State Government has issued detailed guidelines for the safety of apple growers of the State, to prevent the frauds that take place with the horticulturists/apple growers.

The spokesman said that these guidelines have been issued to curb the fraud that take place with the apple growers by the dealers. He said that the horticulturist must sell their apples to the registered/authorized dealers only and should ensure that the dealer is verified by the police. He said that the horticulturist should also check the authenticity of the license of the dealer.

He said that for the transportation of the crop, the horticulturist should use vehicles of Registered Transport Union or Goods Transport Union. He said that the sales of the crop should take place through online transaction. And if the dealer makes the payment through cheque, then the horticulturist must avoid post dated cheque of long duration. He said that in case of failure in payment process by the dealer or cheque bounce, the horticulturist must immediately inform Secretary, APMC or Deputy Director Agriculture through written complaint.

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