October 07, 2019 09:13 PM
Paster Bajinder Singh intracting media persons in Hotel in Chandigarh on Monday.

Chandigarh (Face2News)

A pastor, resident of Sector 38, Chandigarh, has been accused of raping a 8-year-old girl in London. On the other side Pastor Bajinder Singh while interacting media denies the allegation.

During Media intraction the victim mother alleged that Pastor did this act with the child at hotel Premier in Birmingham, London, when the  victim’s mother had gone out to get the currency exchanged. Victim's lawyer Ketan Sharma, who is also the National General Secretary of National Human Rights and Crime Control Bureau, disclosed the entire matter to the media at Chandigarh Press Club on Monday. 

mother with her council narrating the incident
The victim's mother was treating the paster as her brother. She was in Birmingham with Pastor Bajinder Singh Ministry to attend the fourth International Press Conference. After the incident, Pastor Bajinder Singh threatened the girl and said that if she told someone about the incident, he would kill her father and mother. For around 10 months the girl did not tell anything to her family. In July, she revealed it to her friend, who further told everything to her mother. Thus the victim’s mother came to know about the matter.  

Victim’s mother informed the police, but could not get the FIR registered even after three months. Even though she visited the offices of SSP and DGP several times, but in vain.  

The victim's mother filed a complaint against the accused Pastor Bajinder Singh and Nirmaljit Kaur Dhaliwal, a London based woman who was present in the room during the incident. Accused pastor Bajinder Singh Ministry is the head of an institution called Church of Wisdom. He was accused by another woman earlier also for a similar incident. A case was registered against him at the Zirakpur police station.   

The accomplice woman, Nirmaljit forced the girl to undress. The victim's mother told the police that she returned to India after three months of the incident. Bajinder dropped her at Tribune Chowk. The girl was not well, therefore she was admitted to a trauma centre. The child's behavior changed after this. They had to change the girl’s school also. She is studying in fourth grade now.

In the meantime Baljinder Singh Ministry intracting media persons, said the allegation leveled againt him by Chandigarh based woman was totally baseless.   On this occasion, the chairman President Avtar Singh, Jaspal Singh and other officials of the organizations were also present. Prof. Bajinder Singh Ministry's wife Anita and brother Pankaj told that the allegations made by the woman of 8 years school going girl hurtened them. The said, to prove selfishness, woman makes a child a pawn.  Bajinder said, Last year in 2018, he himself went with 7 members, including woman, to attend an international conference abroad with her 8 years old girl, where they stayed at the residence of one of his acquaintances for one week. The woman was impressed to see that Nirmaljit Kaur was working as head of the Church. She afterreturning to India suddenly asked him to give the seat of incharge either abroad or in Mazri Church. On his denial, she hatched a consipiracy to maligened him.

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