October 31, 2019 08:34 PM

Chandigarh (Face2News)

Haryana Congress President Kumari Selja has accused the state's coalition government of betraying the farmers for not procuring paddy in the state. She said that this government has started showing its true colors as soon as it managed to cobble majority and grab power. Even after being rejected by  people in elections, this government is not hesitating in  taking anti-people decisions. 

She claimed that  government  repeatedly reverses its own stand and decisions already taken . The latest example of which is the purchase of paddy. Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar, after being lambasted by all-round criticism and protests by Congress, farming community and others

  had said that every single grain of paddy of the farmers of the state will be purchased. But even after three days of the Chief Minister's statement, no effective action has been taken on it so far. So the statement issued is yet another Jumla causing immense pain and economic difficulty to the farmers of the State. 

Selja said that due to the stagnation of the procurement, the hard-earned money of  the farmer is lying on the streets. Farmers are being forced to go for distress sale of their crop.

Due to lack of government procurement, 1121 paddy is being sold at Rs. 2200 per quintal instead of 2900. The price of Muchhal paddy is reduced to  Rs. 2100 per quintal instead of 2500. At the same time, Parmal (PR) paddy is also reduced  at a quarter to one price. Apart from this, fall in purchase price of cotton is also hitting the farmers hard.

Procurement of more paddy is being claimed in the state. It should be probed that from farmers of which state paddy has been procured by the government and how much paddy was  purchased of the farmers of  state of Haryana. 

She demanded that the  state government should immediately give relief to the farmers by starting the purchase of crops

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