December 18, 2019 09:32 PM

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Tara ka hua parda faash! Sony SAB’s fresh take on romantic comedy, Tera Kya Hoga Alia is set to expose Tara’s (Priyanka Purohit) act of being injured which she brewed to be close to Alok (Harshad Arora). The show in the episodes further will take the viewers through a thrilling ride as Alia (Anusha Mishra) finally exposes Tara in front of Alok. 

  After Tara met with an accident, she was bound to the wheelchair and Alok, a true gentleman, took the responsibility to help Tara heal. Little did Alok know that the entire accident was an act that Tara had planned to be closer to Alok and keep Alia away from her own house. On the other hand, Alia finds out that Tara’s accident was a façade and she has not lost her memory. 

On her quest to expose Tara’s act, Alia and her best friend, Rabia, start creating situations which will somehow make Tara jump off her wheelchair, thereby exposing her con in front of everyone. Alia starts by feeding Tara some laddoo which are laced with chili powder in the name of serving prasad. As Tara anticipates Alia’s plan to expose her, she consumes the ladoo and doesn’t react to it. Alia is shocked after witnessing Tara bear the intense heat of the chilies. After failing in her first attempt to expose Tara, Alia starts planning her next move. 

The upcoming episodes are full of exciting moments where Alia will be seen in her mischievous best. 

What is Alia planning next? How will she finally expose Tara in front of Alok? 

Anusha Mishra, essaying the role of Alia said, “Alia is a strong women and she is determined to expose Tara in front of Alok. The upcoming episodes are full of Alia’s mischievous plans and determination to reveal her enemy’s lie, at the same time battling her emotions whenever she sees Tara trying to come closer to Alok. So, stay tuned and watch Alia finally expose Tara’s little secret.” 

Priyanka Purohit, essaying the role of Tara said, “Tara is aware that Alia will try to expose her but Alia has no idea how patient can Tara be. In the episodes further, Tara will be going through several trials to hide her secret. It will be interesting for our viewers to witness the battle between Alia and Tara. To know what will be Tara’s next move? Keep watching Tera Kya Hoga Alia on Sony SAB.”   

To watch how Alia exposes Tara’s secret, keep watching Tera Kya Hoga Alia every Monday-Friday at 7PM only on Sony SAB

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