December 25, 2019 12:37 PM

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  Pandit Rama Krishna ki jaan khatre me! Sony SAB’s beloved titular character, who is known for his intelligent tricks to help Vijayanagar darbaar get out of difficult situations will be battling for his life. Kaikala’s (Vishwajeet Pradhan) conspiracy to kill Rama (Krishna Bharadwaj) is at its peak and is expected to give Pandit Rama Krishna tough times ahead. Kaikala is keen to prove Rama incompetent and delusional by secretly dosing him with slow poison which makes Rama act strangely. Pandit Rama Krishna, in such a drugged state is unable to solve any cases in dabaar for the first time while Tathacharya, Kaikala’s wingman, takes this opportunity to humiliate Rama and solve the case by himself.

Bhaskar’s friend Kanta (Dhruvi Jani) and Amrapali (Manul Chudasama), Kaikala’s daughter after noticing Rama’s strange behavior, plan to take him to a doctor. They find out that Rama is under heavy influence of some medicine and even one more drop of it can kill him. On the other hand, Kaikala plans his last move of sending the finale dose to Rama that will end his life.

Will Rama be able to save himself?

Krishna Bharadwaj, essaying the role of Pandit Rama Krishna said, “Pandit Rama has been challenged a lot of times before but this time it is different and fatal. Rama is battling to keep his composure and awareness. The upcoming episodes will witness Rama in the most fragile state as his enemy Kaikala plans his last move. It will be interesting to watch how Rama uses his intelligence to save himself and the darbar from the evil intentions of Kaikala.” 

Watch how Rama battles to save himself on Tenali Rama every Monday – Friday at 7:30PM only on Sony SAB

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