April 13, 2020 08:29 AM

Baru Sahab (Face2News)

However, we all are going through a tough phase of life, we would like to reach out and wish a very happy Vaisakhi to you and your family.

As we all know, our daily life is getting affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, including the cancellation of Vaisakhi programmes at our gurdwaras which is difficult and painful, but this is the only way we can best protect our family, friends and society. According to the WHO (World Health Organisation) and other medical councils, at the moment, #SocialDistancing is the best way to fight COVID-19 across the world. People are being asked not to gather and spread the virus and asked to use a mask (even if it is homemade) at all times when going outside for very essential activities. We can only win this fight by being responsible.

Vaisakhi is the day when Khalsa was formed to protect humanity and stand up for others; by socially distancing ourselves, we are helping to do just that. We can consider some different innovative methods to celebrate like doing Sehaj Path or Akhand Path at home or with Sangat through social media channels, consider visiting gurdwara virtually for a Vaisakhi Diwaan, learn Sikh history, read sakhis or participate in Seva activities by sewing masks or donate money, food or ration to the Trusts or Societies who are working tirelessly to help the impacted and vulnerable of society.

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