May 22, 2020 12:17 PM

 Ahmedabad (Face2News)

Bad News for Pharma Industry as six employees of Cadila company allegedly dies due to Covid 19. The deceased identified as Himanshu Kavathia AGM Bharat Mehta GM production of Cadila Pharmaceutical. Latest report said four more company employees namely M. N. Shah (worker), Rama shankar ( worker 's father), Umeshbhai chauhan( worker) and Ashok Kaka ( worker), have been died due to covid 19. However the company confirm three deaths, but company sources said, the were the workers,to lost the lives.  The company resumed work on May 20. 

As of May 22, Cadila Pharma puts the total number of active COVID-19 positive cases at 31. 90 per cent of them are home quarantined after consultation with medical professionals and recommendations. Company  employees have posted the names of five deceased staff, plus a father of one of the deceased employees. Discussions on various private WhatsApp groups of pharma professionals put the total number of COVID-19 positive cases at 86, as of May 22.  The company may not treat the other deceased as their employee as they were workers. The deaths of Cadila Pharma Company  becomes the  talk of the company in these days.


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