June 02, 2020 05:09 PM

 Panchkula (Face2News)

Making life easy or difficult is in your own hands. But it is rare to find someone who goes out an extra mile to make life simpler for others just like Dr. Renu Arora, a Panchkula resident who had been felicitated for her 75 motivational talks she posted during the lockdown days. 

Recently Assist World Record Book, a Research Foundation felicitated Dr. Renu Arora to help the people cope with the pandemic during lockdown period. She was conferred with a trophy and citation for giving 75 motivational talks through social media and her name has been included in the book to acknowledge her contribution towards working for a social cause. 

This award has been given to Dr. Renu by Dr. R. Rajendran, Founder and Chairman of Assist World Record. Dr. Renu has thanked the Research Foundation and said that she is very proud to receive it.

Dr. Arora is a Chartered Accountant by profession but she has been encouraging people through social media in the lockdown period. She is also a motivational speaker, writer, educationist, social worker. 

On this occasion, Dr. Renu Arora told that in 65 days of lockdown period, she has given about 75 motivational speeches through different social media which people have appreciated. Apart from this, through extensive social media she organized around 22 live sessions of about 500 minutes in which thousands of people joined. 

She said that through social media, she brought out various topics to people, like how to get away from negative thinking to positive thinking, how life should be lived in Covid era, health care, spiritual aspects including daily worship lessons, yoga, and prevention of domestic violence. She also inspired people to come forward to help the needy people. 

She said that through social media she did not let the morale of the people in the lockdown come down. She said that she has written more than a hundred motivational poems. Apart from this, she has also released three books which infuse new energy and are available on Amazon.

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