June 13, 2020 09:03 PM

MARYLAND (USA) :The Virginia Youth Cricket Association (VYCA) last week came into existence as its member organizations voted to adopt its constitution. The charter members of this newest state youth cricket association are the Washington Cricket Academy, Richmond Strikers and Southwestern Youth Association. The VYCA has selected Raj Damaraju of the Washington Cricket Academy as its first chairman.

The association’s three priorities will be to grow youth cricket in Virginia through a vigorous schools program; operate a statewide championship competition; and to maintain representative state teams. As its first project, The VYCA anticipates conducting a state competition this fall, as outdoor youth sports become possible again.

“There is an abundance of young talent in Virginia in sports and in cricket. VYCA would like to tap into the talent pool in organizing cricket at base level and conducting local championships. I will be looking forward to having a state team soon," said VYCA Chairman Damaraju.

Once Virginia’s state teams are organized, they look forward to playing other American state teams in bilateral matches and in tournaments. Damaraju is eager to see cricket develop in his home state.

A natural rival for the Virginia sides will be its neighbor to the north, Maryland. The Maryland Youth Cricket Association has operated for over ten years and welcomes the VYCA to the family of state associations.

MYCA Chairman Jamie Harrison said, “We in Maryland are delighted to see the launching of the Virginia Youth Cricket Association and look forward to playing what will doubtless be some excellent Virginia teams in state vs. state competition. The future of cricket is brighter today in Virginia for having created this body, and I’m sure we’ll see the impact soon.”

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