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June 24, 2020 08:36 AM

Raj Sadosh

Abohar/Mt. Abu: Chhattisgarh Governor Anusuiya Uikey has said that yoga and balanced lifestyle are necessary to keep the body healthy. In the midst of the corona epidemic, yoga has attracted worldwide attention. Now the world also believed that we can keep the body healthy by using yoga and balanced lifestyle. We have to keep the mind stable even under adverse circumstances.

Addressing a webinar organized bythe Raipur center of Brahmakumaris, the Governor further said that during the Corona period there has been an increase in depression and psychiatry worldwide. People get stressed due to weak mind. Therefore we have to take care that along with the body, the mind should also be kept healthy. Rajyoga Meditation is very useful to keep your ability and will strong. It means to increase our self-power through meditation. Therefore everyone should do yoga and meditation. This will definitely show positive results in life.

Internationally known BK Shivani said that in the context of spirituality, the union of soul and God is true yoga. Yoga is not just limited to the health of the body but it is the way to live life. Yoga has to be made part of your routine. The morning should start with good and best thoughts. Read spiritual books, do exercise for the health of the body, but do not forget the Rajyoga meditation to keep the mind healthy.

Vidhan Sabha Speaker Dr. Charan Dass Mahant said that Brahmakumaris were doing the important work of establishing peace all over the world through Rajyoga. Yoga brings efficiency in actions,Rajyoga brings peace to the mind; meditation is a good medium to reach God. In the present situation, we should cooperate in establishing peace in the world.

Regional director BK Kamla said that the corona virus has filled the world with fear. Negative thoughts are making our minds weak. The solution lies in spirituality. We need to make our mind powerful by Rajyoga. Millions of people across the world connected with the Brahmakumaris were leading a stress-free and peaceful life by adopting Rajyoga. There is no other remedy for peace of mind other than meditation.

BK Usha, senior Rajyoga teacher, said that Corona has given us the opportunity to spend time with the whole family. Such a time will not be found again. Therefore, make this time memorable. Memories will be made when you see the good in all. No human is complete. There are definitely some characteristics inside each, so look for the good in one or two.

Dr. Srimant Sahu of Global Hospital said that at this time we are going through very odd situation. A little fear has gone home in my mind. Corona Patient continues to grow. Hospitals do not have beds. It is very important to maintain mental balance in such times. Raipur's popular singer Sharda Nath enthralled viewers by singing beautiful spiritual songs. The webinar was conducted by senior Rajyoga teacher BK Savita. 

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