June 25, 2020 07:39 AM

Chandigarh (Face2News)

A team of wardens Dr. Rajeev Boys Hostel(BH) No. 1, Dr. Praveen (BH-5), Dr Nidhi Gautam (GH-5), Dr Jai Mala (GH-7) and Dr Avneet (WWH), Panjab University, Chandigarh organised a webinar for the hostel residents on the Corona Epidemic and Young Generation by, Dr Darya, Associate Professor and Head School of Punjabi Studies, Guru Nank Dev University, Amritsar. He spoke about the various epidemics such as plague etc. faced by the various societies in the past era.

He further explained that the death rate in those epidemics were more,but they were confined to particular country and not at world level because at that time globalization was not developed. In the present epidemic whole world is a global village due to which this epidemic also spread in other countries He further discussed that such epidemics left long last effect on the conscious of young Generations. Young Generations learnt a lot from such tough times. He narrate the example of France that as a result of epidemics the people of France developed the habit of washing roads, walls of houses etc. He said that such epidemics are a tough period but such circumstances helps to change the way of life as well as thinking.

He fsaid that young Generations of every country has the energy, power and knowledge. Young Generations always play role as active agent to spread the knowledge to the next generation. Future of the nation depend upon the thought and cultural of the present young generation. 

He advised young Generations that they should not afraid from this epidemic because during this period they became self dependent they learnt on line classes, online work, business etc. They helped poor, helpless people by helping them in various ways, young people realized the value of neat and clean environment and they will spread this value to their next generation. In his conclusion he said due to this epidemic they spent their maximum time with their grandparents, parents and with family members. They will definitely inculcate this value to their next generation.


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