July 15, 2020 08:01 PM
Officials walk through roads today in Abohar to penalize people for not using masks.

Abohar (Face2News)

With two residents in Nai Abadi and Ekta Colony testing coronavirus positive, the officials today walked through roads to fine shopkeepers who were allowing customers without mandatory masks.

A team led by Sub Divisional Magistrate Jaspal Singh Brar visited shops in the Sadar Bazaar, Circular Road and other area and issued challans for not following mandatory guidelines on using masks and not allowing customers without masks. The officials of traders associations were also told to motivate businessmen to strictly follow the guidelines.

The team intercepted cars and two-wheelers to check and penalize the users for moving without masks. Earlier the officials had visited parks to warn people as entry had been banned to such public places, some were found defying advisory about masks and social distance, challan were issued on the spot. 

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