August 17, 2020 03:22 PM

Chandigarh (Face2News)

Repos Energy, a start-up backed by Ratan Tata is changing the game of energy distribution in India through its door-to-door diesel delivery in association with OMCs (Oil Marketing Companies) across Delhi, Gurgaon, Haryana, UP, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab. Starting from Pune, founders, Chetan Walunj and his wife Aditi Bhosle Walunj are delivering the service through their mobile petrol pumps.

Aditi & Chetan with Ratan Tata
 From a homegrown petrol pump business in Pune, to form a dynamic energy grid, the Walunj couple is setting up a whole ecosystem to provide cost-effective solutions for India’s ever-growing need for diesel.

Founded in 2016, today, Repos is present in more than 130 cities across India through over 300 Repos Mobile Petrol Pumps (RMPP). The startup plans to manufacture and sell 3200 RMPP in the current financial year to meet the demand of diesel across the country.

Stating that doorstep diesel delivery allows maintaining the quality and creating affordability in the business at ease, co-founder Aditi says, “We are reaching out to as many dealers as possible who can benefit from the new government policy like us. There will be many who will be able to sell quality diesel.”

“While our focus revolves around giving convenience to the customer, the customer does not bear the cost of this convenience (unless the order quantity is very low),” Chetan explains.

The doorstep diesel delivery through Repos Mobile Petrol Pumps will hugely benefit the agricultural sector, hospitals, housing societies, heavy machinery facilities, mobile towers and much more. The founders of Repos Energy strongly believe in the power of the word ‘YES’.

They believe that a small ‘Yes’ can change the perspectives, realities, and the world at large. Shares Aditi, “With relentlessness and positivity, which is the core of our brand, we want to build a community of people who are ready to look beyond the usual. It is the spirit of ‘Yes’ that has helped us in our journey to turn our dreams into reality.

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