September 02, 2020 09:36 PM

Chandigarh (fACE2n EWS)

The Tax Research Unit of the Excise and Taxation Department Haryana has zeroed on 138 newly registered taxpayers of the State under GST for their suspicious transactions. These taxpayers were identified by the data analytic capabilities of the Tax Research Unit.

Sharing more details about the same, an official spokesman of Excise and Taxation Department, Haryana said that these suspicious taxpayers were further subjected to physical verifications by the field offices of the Department which reported that 69 of the 138 cases were fake or non-existent.

He said that the recoveries of Rs. 28.54 Lakh have been effected and a credit of Rs.31.63 crore has been blocked from these 69 taxpayers.

The spokesman said that the verifications of the records of these entities revealed that these taxpayers have passed on credit amounting to Rs.1182.23 crore.

He further informed that these cases have been referred to respective districts offices for further necessary follow-up action. A dedicated cell in the Tax Research Unit will be monitoring the progress of these cases at regular intervals. So far, 15 taxpayers have been cancelled by the Department.

The Department is further digging out the beneficiaries to whom the credit was passed on by these fake/non-existent taxpayers. These beneficiary entities would also be liable for recoveries arising from fake transactions, the spokesman said.

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