September 04, 2020 10:29 PM

Chandigarh/Narnaul (Face2News)–

Haryana Police have arrested three members of a gang in connection with open firing at Amit, son of BJP leader in Narnaul district. The assailants also demanded Rs50 lakh ransom from him before fleeing on a bike.

While giving this information here today, a Haryana Police spokesperson informed that arrested accused, who were members of ‘Pardeep alias Anna’ gang, were identified as Sombir of Hisar district, Rohti from Hansi and Rakesh of Dhanota in Nangal Choudhry Police Station.

Amit was shot at and injured by the masked men at his house in Narnaul a week ago. After registration of case investigation started.

Police traced the records of habitual offenders and criminals on bail were also questioned. The police got some important clues as the accused who escaped on the bike appeared to have been stolen from Hansi town, which led to the realization that outsiders were involved in the crime. As soon as police got a clue of a new gang of Pradeep alias Anna, a strategy was planned and finally police arrested three of its members.

Initial investigations revealed that gang members also demanded ransom from Ravi Shankar Gupta of Mohalla Nai Sarai.

Kingpin of this gang, Pradeep alias Anna, who is a resident of Gurugram’s Jhadsa had been doing Recce in Narnaul town for a few days and made a plan to ask for ransom. The gang planned to spread terror in the area. For this work, the accused made a plan to include boys from outside areas. He targeted 5-6 people and demanded ransom to create panic in the town. First they asked for ransom from two including Anil. Working on different inputs three of gang members were arrested. However key accused Pradeep is absconding and raids are being conducted to arrest him alongwith other members.

All three accused produced before the court which sent Sombir to three-day police custody while two others have been sent to jail. Further investigation is underway.

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