September 09, 2020 04:49 PM


 Chandigarh (Face2News)

 The Corona Killer Machine was launched at Chandigarh Press Club, here today. Corona killer operates on electricity and no sanitization or soap is required. Therefore it has almost zero operation cost. The machine can be installed in the houses,corporate offices , hospitals, schools, vehicles, Covid quarantine centers, factories, temples etc.

The COVID-19 is profoundly affecting life around the globe. Isolation, contact restrictions and economic shutdown impose a complete change to the psychosocial environment in affected countries specially India. These measures have the potential to threaten the mental health of children and adolescents significantly. Another main threat is an increased risk for parental mental illness, domestic violence and child maltreatment.

“Since the information about COVID-19 was limited initially, many people around the country were anxious about being asymptomatic carriers leading to community spread of Covid19. Indotech Industrial Solutions (Pune) and Saisir Global Technologies Pvt Ltd (Zirakpur) realized they could address this issue by disinfecting process of everyday objects or carriers of Corona, like groceries, newspapers, money or the entire room itself. “We saw this as a big opportunity, primarily in terms of solving this critical problem and therefore devised this machine named as Corona Killer,” said Amit Duggal, COO, Saisir Global.

Corona Killer, indigenously developed machine, has been tested by Indian Institute of Medical Research (ICMR) and National institute of Virology (NIV). The machine has been manufactured in a Pune based facility by Indotech industries and marketed by Saisir Global Technologies Pvt Ltd, Zirakpur. Corona Killer is a savior for all Indians as it is presently one of the best way out to pause community transmission of Covid-19, as claimed by Duggal.

Ionization process is used to deactivate all kinds of bacteria and Virus (including Corona virus). ICMR and NIV have tested the efficacy of the machine and found the process effective in killing all sorts of viruses and bacteria. The certification was issued in July after studies conducted by the eminent scientists of ICMR for approximately two and half months. Even Pune based COVID hospital - Naidu Hospital has tested the same and has certified that this machine deactivates the viruses, hereby reduced the virus count by using ionization process upto an area of 100 -3000 square feet and also all objects that are present within this range. Moreover, it does not emit any harmful particles or Ozone which may harm health or atmosphere," said Duggal.

The machine completely sanitizes the marks, hand gloves, PPE kits, bed sheets and other items present in Covid wards. So far, the company was manufacturing 200 units of Corona Killer and the capacity has been increased to 700 units looking at the demand from various states across the country and abroad.

Saisir Global Technologies Pvt Ltd (Zirakpur, Phone: 7011388933, 9650512444) has been appointed as the sole distributor for Corona Killer machine for entire north India and for corporate. The company is inviting applications to appoint sub–distributors/dealers in the region of Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh to increase the reach and sales of the product.

Team Saisir has already demonstrated the benefits of the machine to various officials of Haryana and Punjab governments in recent past and after learning about the product, Prime Minister Narendra Modi as well as the health ministers of various states have sought a report on the machine to see how it can be deployed for combating Covid-19.

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