September 16, 2020 07:42 PM

Chandigarh (Face2News)

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  Butterfly experts in the country, enthusiasts, hobbyists, renowned lepidopterans, many Facebook groups and organizations in Chandigarh and Punjab and in all the states of the country are joining hands for the “Big Butterfly Month: India 2020”, a unique event of its type in the country. Organizations like the BNHS, iNaturalist, Titli Trust, Biodiversity India, Nature Conservation and more than forty others are joining hands for this month long event.

Activities being planned for the Big Butterfly Month are Big Butterfly Count, online workshops on butterflies, contests on butterfly photography, videography and Butterfly Journaling. The event will be inaugurated on 5th September and will continue till 20th September.

The Big Butterfly Count will be held from 14th to 20th September. All participants will be encouraged to log in their inputs to citizen science digital platforms such as Butterflies of India, iNaturalist, and Indian Biodiversity portal. They can post photos and observations in Natural Biodiversity Group on Facebook as well with #BBM tag.

The celebrations will be marked by competitions, virtual media audio and video talks for sensitizing and educating people to the need of butterfly conservation because of the vital role these beautiful insects play in maintaining ecological balance. Such programmes make people aware of how we are surrounded by the miracles of nature. The only thing we require is the awareness to count our blessings.

Prof. Swaraj Raj from Patiala is coordinating for north India Zone on behalf of Natural Biodiversity and Social Substance.

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