September 22, 2020 04:47 PM

Abohar (Face2News)

The Mouth, Throat and Thyroid Cancer Diseases Department of Dr Tantia MCH & Research Center (Jan Sewa Hospital) located in the Tantia University campus on Hanumangarh Road has achieved great success. The team comprises Mouth, Nose, Ear and Throat specialist Dr. Mahesh K. Mohta, Plastic Surgeon Dr. Manoj Garg and Maxillofacial & Head-Neck Onco Surgeon Dr. P.C. Swami. After about 9 hours of complex operation, the patient's cancerous jaw was removed and it was restructured using a foot bone. For the first time such a successful operation has been conducted in the area.

The lower jaw had to be removed due to cancer that was caused by use of tobacco yolk by a patient of about 55 years. During the operation, the jaw was restructured using foot bone. Due to this, the shape and face of the jaw is not disturbed, the patient is able to eat and drink properly. Dr. Rakesh Saharan, Head of Department of Medicine, Dr. Anand Kamra Anesthesia specialist, Dr. Anandini Rajput also contributed to this success. After the formal launch of the Department of Mouth, Throat and Thyroid Cancer Disease of Jan Sewa Hospital some time ago, the patients were getting a lot of benefits and are being benefited through regular operation etc.

Recently, the department had taken out the cheek of a 57-year-old cancer patient with a complex operation of seven hours and prepared the cheek again with flesh by hand and connected the blood veins to the neck veins.

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