October 10, 2020 09:18 AM

New Delhi (Face2News)

Delhi Police Economics and offence wingh reported to have arrested  all the accused namely Pramod Goel, Krishan Kumar Bansal, Anil Gupta Directors in the M/s Indirapuram Habitat Centre pvt. ltd. on misappropriation of Rs. 10 crores of the company. All of them have been sent to jail in judicial custody.

Dr. O.P Mishra, IPS, Joint Commissioner of Police, Economic Offences Wing, Delhi, said, case FIR No. 98/19, u/s 406, 420, 120B IPC PS EOW, New Delhi was registered on the complaint of M/s Moneywise Financial Services Pvt. Ltd wherein it was alleged that in year 2016, alleged company M/s Indrapuram Habitat Centre Pvt. Ltd had availed a term loan of Rs 10 crores from the complainant company for a period of 2 years for the completion of its project ‘IHC’ at Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, UP and also mortgaged 23 units in the said projects as collateral security.

Alleged company had also issued letter of possession in advance in the favour of the complainant company. Complainant further stated that the alleged company has failed to repay the loan amount and has sold/ created third party interest in the said 23 units without any information and approval of the complainant company and defrauded the complainant company.

Investigation revealed that the accused persons Pramod Goel, Krishan Chand Bansal and Anil Gupta were the directors in the alleged company M/s Indirapuram Habitat Center Pvt. Ltd. It had availed a term loan of Rs. 10 crore from the complainant company for a period of 2 years for the completion of its project Indirapuram Habitat Center, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.

The accused directors did not repay the loan and sold the units mortgaged to the complainant company. Investigation with regard to bank statements also revealed that the amount has been misappropriated. It also emerged that the units mortgaged as collateral security have been sold to other investors after taking full payments from them. Accused company also offered them assured return on their investment but no assured return has been paid as promised. In a calculative manner the accused company not only cheated the complainant company but also cheated the investors.

The directors of the accused company M/s Indirapuram Habitat Centre Pvt Ltd. are also previously involved in the following cases: 1. Case FIR No. 35/19, PS EOW, New Delhi,. Case FIR No. 79/19, PS Netaji Subhash Palace, Delhi, Case FIR No. 81/19, PS Netaji Subhash Palace, Delhi, Case FIR No. 144/19, PS Netaji Subhash Palace, Delhi.

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