October 22, 2020 08:14 PM

Mohali/Zirakpur/Derabassi (Pinki Saini/Anuradha Kapoor)

Outbreaks of corona virus appear to be declining in the district, including Punjab. According to the latest figures, the situation is improving significantly. So far, the number of corona patients recovering from the positive cases of corona is increasing day by day and the number of new positive cases is much less than before.

Deputy Commissioner Mr. Girish Dayalan after reviewing the activities of industry and trade as well as other activities started in the district after the lifting of the Locksown, said that although there were still restrictions on various gatherings in the district but due to the lifting of many restrictions normal activities have started.

He said that with the onset of festive season the traffic in the markets has increased so now there is a need to be more vigilant. In these circumstances, apathy and indifference to the epidemic is worrisome  to completely eradicate corona, the guidelines issued by the government need to be strictly adhered to. It is very important that we take precautions where we have started our activities. Health department guidelines and safety protocols need to be strictly followed. At present economic and social activities as well as taking precautionary measures were in the interest of all.

Deputy Commissioner apprised about the latest statistics of corona virus patients in the district and said that so far a total of 11938 positive cases have been reported in the district and 11149 corona patients have recovered. Now only 560 Corona positivecases active and unfortunately 229 patients have been  died. He said that today 96 corona patients have recovered and 58 new cases have come out positive while no corona patients have died in the district today. He said that the new positive cases included 3 cases from Dera Bassi and its adjoining area, 3 cases from Gharuan and its adjoining areas, 4 cases from Kharar and its adjoining areas, in Lalru 2  and   46 cases from Mohali urban and adjoining areas. 


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