November 04, 2020 05:51 PM

Chandigarh (Face2News)

The Crime Branch of Chandigarh Police under the supervision of Insp. Harinder Sekhon and with the close guidance of Sh. Rajeev Kumar Ambasta, DSP Crime busted the shot out case FIR No. 127 dated 20.10.20 u/s 307,34 IPC and 25/27/54/59 Arms Act PS-11, Chandigarh by arresting the accused Vijay S/o Sh. Chander Pal R/o # 3016, Bhaskar Colony, Sec.25, Chandigarh from Dhanas Turn, back side of Panjab University. From his possession one Desi Pistol and 18 live cartridges were recovered.

 Police said, Vijay alongwith his associates Subham @ Billu R/o Dadu Majra and one another person planned to kill Sandeep in his shop at Sec.25, Chandigarh. On October 19 they all went to the shop of Sandeep on Splendor motorcycle No. CH01-5024 with carrying pistol, after reaching there Vijay and Subham @ Billu went inside the shop and opened the fire at the victim and third person was standing outside the shop with motorcycle to keep watch on public activities. After shot out all of three fled away from the spot.

After committing shot out, Vijay joined one Patiala based Gangster Harvinder Joy and managed hide themselves there. While staying at Patiala, for winning the confidence of Joy and his group, on 25.10.2020 they alongwith Harvinder Joy opened fired at rival group of Joy in a political rally, Patiala, in which 3 persons got injured.

Crime Branch has developed human intelligence about Vijay and collected information about his activities, which depicted Vijay is not satisfied as Sandeep was not killed in the previous attempt. As per the information received by the Crime Branch, he has planned again to kill the Sandeep and his relatives, but he was nabbed by the Crime Branch before the commit of the Crime.

By this Crime Branch not only save the life of citizen of Chandigarh but also uprooted expected gang war in city as Johny (brother of Sandeep) S/o Jai Parkash R/o # 2411, Sec.25D, Chandigarh has also planned to take revenge of his brother’s attack from Vijay, who was also arrested by the Crime Branch, Chandigarh with one Desi Revolver and 4 live cartridges from near Toilet, Sec.25, Chandigar, in this regard case FIR got registered u/s 25/54/59 Arms Act PS-11, Chandigarh was registered against him. One person namely Rahul @ Natta was also arrested who took the watch on the activity of Sandeep and given the information to Vijay before the shot out.

Apart from this Crime Branch arrested one Jagdeep @ Jaggi S/o Jaswant Singh R/o Vill. Billa near Ravidas Mandir, Distt. Panchkula, aged 25 years from the back side of Solitair Hotel, NAC, Manimajra and recovered 1 pistol alongwith 2 live cartridges from his possession, in this regard FIR got registered u/s 25/54/59 Arms Act PS-Mouli Jagran, Chandigarh against him.

REASON FOR FIRING: Vijay and Sandeep had an old rivalry as once Sandeep attacked on Vijay’s father, beside this Vijay believed Sandeep was one of those person who conspired the murder of Khneya.

PROFILE OF ACCUSED: Vijay S/o Sh. Chander Pal R/o # 3016, Bhaskar Colony, Sec.25, Chandigarh. Age 27 years., Johny S/o Jai Parkash R/o # 2411, Sec.25D, Chandigarh. Aged 22 years.,Jagdeep @ Jaggi S/o Jaswant Singh R/o Vill. Billa near Ravidas Mandir, Distt. Panchkula. Age 25 Years.,Rahul @ Natta S/o Sh. Brij Pal R/o # 3278, Bhaskar Colony, Sec.25, Chandigarh, Aged 25 Years.

Vijay and Johny have tainted past and Vijay has been previously arrested in 15 cases of snatching, robbery and attempt to murder by the Chandigarh Police. He has been sentenced for 3 years in robbery case and presently on parole. Johny has also been arrested in one case by the Police.

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