November 06, 2020 09:35 PM

Chandigarh (Face2News)

Haryana Home Minister, Mr. Anil Vij said that the State Government is considering to bring a law on love jihad in order to tackle cases like that of Nikita's so that the religion of girls is not converted in the name of love.

Mr. Vij said this while speaking on the second day of the monsoon session in the Haryana Vidhan Sabha today in response to a calling attention motion.

The Home Minister said that Nikita murder is a serious matter. He said that taking strict cognizance of this, the culprits named Taufiq and Rehan were arrested within 12 hours of the incident, and are in judicial custody. He said to ensure proper and speedy investigation and trial of sensational cases in Haryana, there is a scheme of "Chinhit Apradh" which has been implemented by the Government since 2019. The present case is being included in the list of "Chinhit Apradh" and thus will be monitored for speedy trial by the Government. Instructions have also been given to present the challan in this regard soon.

Mr. Vij said that the State Government is providing all possible help to the victim's family. Security is being provided to the family. Along with this, a gun license has been given on the demand of the family and legal assistance is also being provided to the family, he added. He said that a case of kidnapping was registered against Taufiq and Rehan by Nikita's family in the year 2018, which was later withdrawn. The entire case including the abduction case from 2018 will be investigated by the government.

The Home Minister said that there has been a decrease in crimes against women in Haryana. According to a national report published by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), titled "Crime in India - 2019", there has been a nationwide increase of 7.3 percent in crime against women in 2019 as compared to 2018, he added. In comparison to the national increase Haryana recorded an increase of only 2.49% cases of crime against women in 2019 as compared to 2018. Comparing the crimes in Haryana, he said that in the year 2019 and the year 2020 (figures up to 30 September each year) there has been a decrease in crimes against women in the state.

Mr. Vij said that in 2020, as many as 8307 cases were registered during this period as compared to 10004 cases in 2019, which is1697 less. During this period, 145 lesser cases of rape have been reported in Haryana, while 224 lesser cases of molestation, 576 lesser cases of abduction of women, 811 lesser dowry related cases, three lesser cases of acid attack and seven lesser cases of immoral trafficking have been recorded.  


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