November 18, 2020 11:03 AM

Mohali (Face2News)

In a major breakthrough, Mohali Police along with OCCU team have nabbed three criminals/gangsters who were involved in sensational double murder of a couple in district Ferozepur in 2018 and solved other major crimes of Punjab.

Sh. Satinder Singh, PPS, SSP, SAS Nagar briefed the media that Ranbir @ Bira s/o Des Raj, r/o Nabipur, Gurdaspur, one of the very close associate of criminal/gangster Sukhmeetpal Singh @ Sukh Bhikhariwal and Supreet Singh @ Harry Chatha, was arrested in a car snatching case of PS city Kurali FIR No. 72 dated 10-08-2020 u/s 392, 34 IPC and 25 Arms Act. Ranbir @ Bira confessed his involvement and named his associates who committed some major crimes of Punjab.

Ranbir had disclosed that he was part of the masked assailants team that killed accused-turned-approver couple of Moga sex scandal. Ranbir along with his associates Harvinder Singh @ Dodhi s/o Dilbag Singh r/o Village Muradpura PS Kambo Distt Amritsar (R) and Bhupinder @ Bhinda s/o Satnam Singh village Chande PS Majitha dist. Amritsar (R), entered the residence of Manjit Kaur and her husband Rajpreet Singh. After removing the CCTV camera, they shot the couple dead in broad daylight. They were carrying 03 Pistols and had used a Pulsar 220 bike which was arranged by Harwinder Singh Dodhi. Sukh Bhikhariwal was mastermind of this incident and provided them with financial help. A case FIR No. 154 Dt 21-09-2018 u/s 302,34 IPC 25,27 Arms Act PS Zira, Dist. Firozepur was registered.

Ranbir further confessed that he was also part of the three armed bike-borne attackers, who freed the notorious drug/weapon smuggler Harbhajan Singh alias Rana r/o Nihala Khilcha, Distt. Ferozepur from the police custody at a roadside 'dhaba' near village Ghall Khurd, Ferozepur-Moga road on 18-08-2018. They fired on police team, in which one of the Police official got injured. A case FIR no. 106, dated 18-08-2018 u/s 307, 225, 34 IPC and 25, 27 Arms Act was registered at PS GhallKhurd, Distt. Ferozepur. The whole conspiracy to free the notorious smuggler was also hatched on the directions of criminal/gangster Sukh Bhikhariwal and Harry Chatha. They provided financial aid to them for committing this crime.

In the year 2018, Harvinder Singh @ Dodhi, Bhupinder @ Bhinda along with one of their associates on directions of Harry Chatha, they tried to kidnap a doctor from Ranjit Avenue, Amritsar, but it was a failed attempt as Bhinda accidently fired from his .30 caliber pistol which injured Dodhi and they fled from the spot. Bhupinder @ Bhinda also managed to make his passport on fake particular from Himachal Pradesh before he was arrested by STF on 30-09-2019 from Jandiala Guru in an Arms Act case. His fake passport has also been recovered now. Harvinder Singh @ Dodhi was also arrested by Gurdaspur Police on 22-10-2020. Both of them had not disclosed their involvement in the above mentioned incidents, when they were prior arrested by STF and Gurdaspur Police. But now they have confessed their involvement. Further investigation is in progress.

Details of criminal cases registered against the arrested accused
 Bhupinder Singh @Bhinda S/o Satnam Singh r/o Vill Jhande, Majitha Punjab

1. FIR No:-09/16 , u/s 21 NDPS Act. PS Kathu Nangal, Amritsar Rural

2. FIR No:-23, dated:17.04.15, u/s 307, 427, 506, 148, 149, 120b, 25 Arms Act. PS Sadar Batala, Gurdaspur

3. FIR No:-97, dated:24.09.19 PS u/s 21, 29 NDPS Act, 25 Arms Act. PS STF Phase 4, SAS Nagar

4. FIR No:-244, dated:30.09.19 u/s 307, 332, 334, 24, 27 Arms Act. PS Jandiala Guru, Amritsar Rural

5. FIR No:-09, dated:07.08.20 u/s 25 Arms Act. PS SSOC, Amritsar.

Harwinder Singh @ Dodhi S/o Dilbag Singh r/o Muradpura Amritsar
1. FIR No:-78, dated:13.07.18 u/s 25 Arms Act. PS Kambo, Amritsar (Rural).
2. FIR No:-06, dated:17.01.20 u/s 21, 23, 61, 85 NDPS Act PS Dhariwal, Gurdaspur.
3. FIR No:-96, dated:26.06.20 u/s 307, 34, 25, 54, 59 Arms Act PS Sadar, Gurdaspur.
4. FIR No:-147, dated:29.07.20 u/s 392, 397, 506, 120b PS Kalanaur, Gurdaspur.
Ranvir Kalsi @ Bira S/o Des Raj r/o Vill Nabipur New Shastri Nagar Gurdaspur
1. FIR No:- 64, dated: 04.08.19 u/s 21, 22, 27, 29, 61, 85 NDPS Act. PS Division 01, Pathankot.

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