November 25, 2020 08:52 PM

Raj Sadosh

  Abohar/Mt. Abu: Our family depends on us, yet we do not follow the road safety rules while driving, due to which accidents are increasing continuously but we do not accept our social responsibility at all.

This was stated by the Convenor and Certified Road Safety Trainer of Brahmakumaris Traffic and Transport Wing, B.K. Suresh Sharma while joining live at a program organized in Ambikapur on the occasion of the World Remembrance Day dedicated to the victims of road accidents.

He said that the biggest factor of accidents is the human factor; more than 90 percent of road accidents are due to a person's fault. Most of the accidents are not due to the road, not due to machines, but due to human error. The traffic division of Brahmakumaris organisation has been taking various tasks on road safety for the last 20 years to educate people that speed of thoughts running in the mind can be reduced and this can make life better and safer.

Chief Guest Om Chandel said that both knowledge and spirituality are related to each other, everyone knows what causes road accidents, but our karma prevents us from adopting the knowledge. We are all going through a generation of transactions; the most needed is spirituality and culture. Our children are losing their values, traditions and spiritual values.

Divisional Director Vidya Didi said that by paying attention to our internal safety along with external safety, we can avoid many road accidents.

Due to lack of concentration, road accidents are happening. Spirituality and meditation are required for concentration of mind. In the program, lamps were lit to pay homage to the victims of the road accident. Traffic officer Mruthyunjaya Patel said that it is very important for all citizens to be aware of the road safety rules.

Ravinder Tiwari said that mobile phones should not be used when one is on the drive, because of this reason accidents are happening very fast. The program was conducted by Avantika Behan.

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