November 25, 2020 09:45 PM

  Ferozepur (Vikramditya Sharma)

Amidst the ongoing agitation of the farmers against union government’s agri-bills, the members of Kisan Majdoor Sangharsh Committee (KMSC) today refused for the Covid-19 test at Village Lohke Kalan in Zira sub-division. The farmer union leaders alleged that on the pretext of conducting Covid-19 test, the union government is hatching a conspiracy to “house arrest” the farmer union leaders so that the farmers could not reach New Delhi on November 26-27.

As per details available, a special team from health department had gone to the village today morning to conduct Covid test of the villagers. When the health department team led by Dr. Pavittar Jot reached there and requested the villagers for Covid-19, the villagers refused to give sample for the test.

Farmer union leaders Sukhwant Singh, Balwinder Singh and other said that this is the second time such team has visited at their village for the Covid-19 test. They said that on the pretext of Covid-19 tests, the union government is hatching this conspiracy to detain the farmers at their villages only.

“When we asked the health department officials that if the government is not providing any treatment for the Covid-19, why the tests are being conducted but the team could not give any satisfactory answer. This entire thing is just a “conspiracy” to curb the farmer’s protest”, said Balwinder Singh, farmer union leader.

Following the refusal of the villagers, the team from the health department returned empty handed. When contacted, Dr. Vinod Sareen, Chief Medical Officer said that the team cannot force anyone for the Covid-19. “”Such tests are conducted for the welfare of the people and we cannot force anyone for the test”, added CMO.

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