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New Delhi (Face2News)

On dated 29-12-2020 a complaint wasreceived at PS Preet Vihar, Delhi wherein the complainant Gaurav Jain, who is abuilder by profession, stated that he received a letter by Courier with anextortion demand of Rs. 25 lakhs and if it was not fulfilled he would be killed. On the complaint of the builder a case FIR No. 305/2020 dt. 29.12.2020 u/s 387 IPC PS Preet Vihar wasregistered.  

Investigation was taken up under the supervision of ACP/Preet Vihar Virender Punj and a team comprising of SHO/Preet Vihar Inspr. Akash Rawat, SI Neeraj and Ct.Kapil started working on the case under the overallsupervision of the undersigned.

Mr. Deepak Yadav, IPS, Deputy Commissioner of Police, said, data of employees/contractors, labourers,associates, family members and other known persons and their whereabouts wascollected from the complainant and analysed. Local enquiries were also made in which some suspicious conduct of the complainantwas reported. Nearly 40-45 suspected persons’ database was prepared and their detailsanalyzed minutely. Based on the analysis, some persons were zeroed in upon andinterrogated. On sustained interrogation, one of the suspects broke down andconfessed to his guilt and told that he did this act on the directions of GauravJain so that he mayget Police protection and get ridof the creditors also visithim often for money.

Accused was identified as Ashok Yadav s/o Sh. Hari Ram Yadavr/o US-92, Gali No. 3, Uttri School Block, Mandawali, Delhi, Aged-37. During theinterrogation, accused disclosed that he works as POP contractor with GauravJain who lured him with the promise of big contracts in future.

Accused Ashok Yadav S/o Hari Ram Yadav R/o US-92, Uttri School Block, Galino. 3 Mandawali, Delhi works as POP contractor. He got married in 2006 and lives with his wife and has 2 children. He came to Delhi in 2002 and worked as a labourer and in 2011 he came in contact of the builder Mr. Gaurav Jain and became POP contractor and started working for the builder since then.

Police recovered one Hyundai i10 car used by the accused for dispatching the courier. 


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