January 09, 2021 09:52 PM

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The staff of Special Staff of Central District has solved a blind sensational robbery case of PS DBG Road in which the accused robbed jewellery – worth Rs 2 crore on 30.12.20 from the employees of the complainant. Three accused persons of “Chhara Gang” (Ahmedabad) namely  Chander Kant @ Sonu, aged- 43 Years r/o Kuber Nagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat,  Guru Kumar, aged- 44 Years r/o Kuber Nagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat and  Trusab Roman Surjeet, aged 23 years r/o Kuber Nagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat have been arrested from Ahmedabad due to persistent efforts of thepolice team. Robbed gold jewellery worth Rs 1 Crore recovered at their instance.   

Complainant reported that he runs a jewellery shop in KarolBagh. He deals in sale/purchase of jewellery articles. On 3012.20, hisemployees namely 1) Dinesh and 2) Rajesh had to go to Pitampura and Rohini areaat different jewellery shops to show the jewellery samples.

In the afternoonthey kept the gold jewellery articles (46 Necklaces with 46 pairs of eartops and 2 bangles) of around 3.92 Kg in a black colour bag and left theshop on a bike. While they were passing through Ramjas Lane, 8 personsriding on three motorcycles and one scooty intercepted their bike near P&TQuarters and robbed the jewellery bag after pushing them and escaped ontheir vehicles towards Liberty Cinema, Rohtak Road. His employee tried to chasethem but of no avail. Immediately, a case vide FIR No 307/20 dated 30.12.20 u/s392/34 IPC was registered and investigation was taken up.  

 Keeping in view of the sensitivity of the case, joint policeteams of officers and man of different police stations led by Sh. MadhukarRakesh, SHO/DBG Road comprising of SI Shri Niwas Ojha, SI Sandeep Godara, SISohan Lal & Staff was formed to assist in the investigation and arrest ofthe accused persons However, no fruitful clues could be ascertained. 

Subsequently, theinvestigation of the case was transferred to Special Staff, Central Districtand a dedicated team led by Inspr. Lalit Kumar comprising with SI Manoj Kumar,SI Kamlesh, SI Pradeep, ASI Yogender Panwar, ASI Baljeet, ASI Narender, HCAadesh, HC Yogender Giri, HC Rakesh, HC Sunil, HC Suresh, HC Peturs Turkey,W/HC Resham, Ct Amit Kumar, Ct Tarun, Ct Pankaj, Ct Mahinder, Ct Rakesh, CtAnil, Ct Sandeep, Ct/Dvr. Sandeep, Ct Jitender, W/Ct Geeta, Ct Ajay, Ct Aniland Ct Mukesh was formed under the supervision of Shri O.P. Lekhwal,ACP/Operation Cell.  

It was a blind case of robbery. No eye witness, no substantial evidence came into notice of the police team. Further, the police team scrutinized route from the officeof the complainant and the spot. CCTV footages of office and routes wereobtained and analyzed in which 8 persons on one scooty and three bikes wereseen to follow the victim on the route. The route taken by the fleeingcriminals was identified and CCTVs installed on the said route were scannedthoroughly but no clue about the culprit was found. Interrogation of all theemployees of the complainant was done.


The footage was also verified from FRSbut in vain since the accused persons were wearing helmet and mask.  

The pain staking efforts of the team yielded results when ASI Yogender Panwar received a secret tip off information, that robbery was committed by members of“Chhara Gang” residing somewhere in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The informationwas further developed. Further, secret informers were roped in and hotels ofnearby area were checked. Team of special staff reached in Ahmedabad, Gujaratand developed discreet information about the suspected criminals.

After painstaking efforts, the team succeeded in identifying the gang of accused.Subsequently, on 07.01.2021, the team apprehended two members of thegang namely 1) Sonu @ Chander Kant and 2) GuruKumar @ Gariya both r/o ChharaNagar, Kabir Nagar, Ahmedabad. Further, raids were conducted and recovered 18packets of gold jewellery articles (18 Necklace/Lockets and 18 pairs of eartops) from Chander Kant @ Sonu and 10 packets of gold Jewellery articles (10Necklace/Lockets and 10 pairs of ear tops) from Guru Kumar. Further, 3rdaccused namely Trushab @ Roman Surjeet was also arrested at the instance ofabove two accused persons.  

All accused persons were thoroughly interrogated in which they disclosed that they made a plan and they along with their associates and left Ahmedabad on 23.12.20 and reached Delhi on 29.12.20 on 3motor cycles and 1 scooty. They were well aware that huge jewellery articles are carried in the area of Karol Bagh, so they started reccee in Karol Bagh market to target the salesman carrying jewellery bag. 

Atabout 2.30 pm, they saw that two persons were carrying a bag for which theywere of the strong apprehension that jewelley articles were there in the bag.Two of the gang members chased them on scooty, and all remaining gang memberstook their position and started chasing them on their vehicles. After some timewhen they reached at Ramjas Lane a deserted road they intercepted the victim’smotorcycles and robbed their bag and escaped towards Liberty Cinema, RohtakRoad. They had taken separate routes to conceal their identity. They met againon Jaipur Highway and distributed the robbed jewellery articles in four part sandreached Ahmedabad on their motor cycles and scooty. They use to targetedsalesman on random basis. 

RECOVERY: 28 Gold Necklaces/Lockets,  28 Gold Ear Tops worth of Rs 1 Croreapprox have been recovered

Accused Chander Kant @ Sonu has studied up to 9thclass. Earlier, he was driving an Auto Riksha but unable to fulfill therequirement of his family. After that he started committing robbery/theft. Hewas previously arrested in a case of Prohibition Act by Gujarat Police. Accused Guru Kumar @ Gariya has studied up to 8thclass. He is engaged in brewing of illicit liquor but could not fulfill hisdesires. After that, he started committing robbery/theft. He was previouslyarrested in four cases of robbery/theft which is being verified. Accused Trishub @ Roman is studding in B.Com 2ndyear. He fell in bad company and starting committing snatching/Robbery with his father. 

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