January 11, 2021 09:12 PM

New Delhi (Face2News)

With the arrest of one accused Ahmad@ Haji Noor Ullah Qureshi, team of PS Lajpat Nagar of South East District hassolved the case of robbery and recovered one knife and one robbed watch from him. 

On 10.01.2021 complainant Mr. Nishar Ahmad reported at PS Lajpat Nagarthat he was going his home from Kasturba Niketan. At about 9.00 PM, in the way oneAfgan citizen met him and he introduced himself as Ahmad. That Afgani tried toallure him to do anal sex but he refused to do so. That Afgani stopped himand robbed his one watch, 100 USD and Rs. 1500/- at the tip of Knife and ranaway. He was afraid and went to his home.

On 10.01.2021 at about 7.30 PM, when he was going to Kabul Delhi Restaurant Kasturaba Niketan, that Afgani Ahmed was found present. Seeing him, that Afgani person started to run away but in the mean time police staff ASI Gyan Singh, HC Dilip Singh and Ct. Ram Kishor camethere and nabbed him. On enquiry, he was identified as Ahmad @ Haji Noor Ullah Qureshis/o Haji Arab r/o Nehru Nagar, Lajpat Nagar aged-31yrs. According a case videFIR No. 14/21 u/s 392 IPC was registered and accused Haji Noor Ullah Qureshi wa sarrested. On cursory search of accused, one Knife was recovered and robbed watch was recovered from his home.

On sustained interrogation, accused disclosed that he had come in India05 years ago and has refuse card valid up to 31 January 2021. He presentlystaying in Nehru Nagar as a tenant. He has no work for his livelihood. He disclosedthat he changed the 100 US Dollar through a money changer and sent the money tohis family in Afganistan. However, investigation is in progress to recover the robbed money.

Mr. R.P.Meena, IPS, DCP, said, accused Ahmad @ Haji Noor Ullah Qureshis/o Haji Arab r/o Nehru Nagar, Lajpat Nagar aged-31 yrs had studied up to 12th class. He has no work. He is previously involved in 01 case of hurt.

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