February 20, 2021 10:46 PM

Chandigarh (Face2News)

To enlighten the young minds, Boys’ Hostel No. 3 (Bhatnagar Hall), Panjab University organized a special motivational lecture on 20th February in the hostel premises. The theme of this inspirational deliberation was “Spiritual motivations for positive thinking: A Stress Management Tool”.

  The speaker of today’s lecture Shri Akrura Nandan Das, President ISKCON temple, Sector 36 Chandigarh and Sector 12, Panchkula emphasized upon the basic mantra that one can easily bid adieu to stress just by analysing the root causes of all the troubles.

This is where powerful preaching comes into the picture. To err is human, but the name of the Lord has the power to beckon us towards the right path when we are feeling disillusioned. The first step to achieve this objective is positive thinking. For this, one needs to forgo negative thoughts and apprehensions. Adopting a positive outlook in life through positive psychology and attitude can serve as a tool for stress management.

Keeping up with the theme of the lecture, the keynote speaker said that Bhagavad Gita shouldn’t be treated as a religious scripture alone rather everybody should read it as a scientific medium to understand the meaning of life.

The lecture came to an end with a spell-bounding sound meditation session to alleviate the stress of all the participants. Thereafter, the organizer of the lecture, Dr. J.S. Sehrawat, Warden BH-3, exclaimed that in this materialistic world, such motivational teachings are the best tool for stress management amid current threatening pandemic of COVID-19. He extended his sincerest gratitude towards the guest speaker and ISKCON and promised the audience that such motivational lectures will remain continue in future too to relieve the hostel residents of uncertainties amid current unprecedented times.

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